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Worried About Swine Flu? Keep Your Family Germ Free!

Apr 30 2009 - 6:00am

If it's not one thing... it's the swine flu [1]. Just when I was having a worry-free moment, this outbreak comes along to inject some fear factor into my life. Before children, I wouldn't have been too concerned but as a parent, I am fretting over every move I make. My mind wonders: Should I ride the bus? Eat take-out? Consume pork products? Not willing to live like a prisoner quite yet, I am not quarantining my family from the rest of the world but I am taking some precautionary measures set out by the Centers for Disease Control [2]. To see what they are and see how to track the outbreaks, just .

If you want to keep track of confirmed cases in the US, watch on Google maps [3].

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