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Tips For Being a Stylish Mom

OnSugar Blog: Rules For the Stylish Mom

This inspirational post comes to us from OnSugar blogger Glamom, who offers some helpful hints for staying stylish on her blog Manolos, Manicures & Moms.

Let's be honest, chasing a small one all day long leaves little room for fashion inspiration and makes you lean toward living in PJs on your days off. I get it, I understand, but hell, I don't condone it. Having a kid doesn't mean your life is over, gaining a bit of post baby weight (even if 4 years later) doesn't mean we abandon ourselves. Maybe it is easier for me to say since I deal with clothing and personal style day in and day out with my clients but I have mom friends who do not work in the industry and still manage to look their best. So when I go off to pick up a few groceries and see a few moms in sweatpants and scrunchies, I get a bit bothered. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep you looking like the chica you were pre-baby, just tweeked a bit here and there because if I see another sandal and sock wearing (and I don't mean Miu Miu with socks, I mean, gulp...Birkenstock), hair roots that look like they haven't been touched since 1995 (exaggeration is good for the soul, sue me), and overalls that make Old McDonald look like a style king, I will flip!

She convinced you, right? We all want your tips, Glamom! Find her top five fashion suggestions for mamas on Manolos, Manicures & Moms. Create your own OnSugar blog, and you too could be featured on the homepage of LilSugar.

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