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Family, Start Your Engines! 10 Ways To Ease the Morning Rush

Mar 27 2014 - 12:22pm

Despite our best attempts to avert the chaos, weekday mornings are the bane of many moms' existence. Between dawdling kids, disagreements over what's for breakfast, and having to prepare the whole family (not to mention ourselves) for the day ahead, a lot goes on before the day officially starts. These easy tips and tricks are all designed to restore just a little bit of sanity to the Monday-Friday morning grind, and we hope they'll prove successful in your homes — no matter how nuts they may seem!

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Please Report to the Command Center

Create a family command center [2] where kids can dump their coats, hats, backpacks and shoes. Assign each family member his or her own cubby so that they can easily find their own things each morning.

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Bzzzzz, Time's Up!

Putting a time limit on morning tasks is a surefire way to increase dawdlers' efficiency. Sevi's adorable range of Toothbrush Timers [4] can be used for brushing, then moved into the bedroom to ensure that clothes and shoes are put on in a timely manner, too.

All In Good Fun . . .

There's nothing like a little healthy competition to get little people moving, right? Enact a rule that whoever makes it — fully dressed — to the table first, gets to choose what's for breakfast that morning.

Turn off the TV

Having your favorite morning show on in the background may seem innocuous, but it can be totally distracting to kids looking for any excuse to procrastinate (and cartoons are even worse!) Keep the TV off in the AM to keep everyone moving along.

Instead, Dress to the Music

Create a playlist with favorite high-energy tunes to set the pace for the morning (and get everyone in a good mood)). Allow your kids some input with playing DJ so that everyone's happy.

Dispense For Yourself

Don't like what's for breakfast? Then serve yourself! Offer a DIY [5] cereal bar in an easy-to-use dispenser [6] as option B if the kids complain about what's on your morning menu.

Play Dress-Up — The Night Before

A surefire way to save time? Eliminate trying to figure out what everyone's going to wear in the morning. Every night before bed, give your favorite weather app a quick glance, then make sure each child has a kid- and mom-approved outfit laid out and ready to go.

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Who's On First

If figuring out where everyone's going to be and when they're going to be there throughout the course of the day feels like a juggling act, hold yourselves accountable with an oversized family calendar [8], located in a central area, such as the kitchen or the back door. Give each family member their own color to keep things organized. We also suggest Mom and Dad syncing up those iPhone or Google calendars — electronic reminders can be crucial as the day progresses.

Mom-Me Time

Take 30-40 minutes every night to get yourself organized for the day ahead. The less frazzled you are, the less stressed the kids are going to make you. Whether you're a working, stay-at-home, or work-from-home mom, know what's on tap, what the weather forecast is, and what you need to have prepared. It'll make a world of difference — we promise!


Packing lunches the night before will leave you with one less thing to worry about come your chaotic morning. The most tried-and-true way to ensure that school lunches are healthy ones is to wash and cut up fruit and veggies before they ever enter your fridge. This way, produce is as easy of a grab-and-go option as those little baggies of chips and cookies.

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