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Let's get ready to nurse! LilSugar reader Beaner has taken us along on her pregnancy journey and is waiting for her lil one's arrival. She's asking our readers for some last minute advice about breastfeeding in The Pregnancy Posse group.

At 39 weeks, I'm so ready to meet this little one that's been growing inside me. Once he or she arrives, I'm planning on breastfeeding, but was wondering if you other mommas could offer any advice. I signed up for a class, but it got cancelled at the last minute. I know there will be lactation consultants at the hospital to help, but if you could offer any helpful tips on good nursing gear, best nursing pads, when to buy a pump, best way to store milk, tips for nursing in public, etc, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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mikiismum mikiismum 6 years
The best advice I ever received was to avoid soothers and bottles of any kind for at least 6 weeks. Apparently this prevents nipple confusion, which has caused every other mom i know to stop breast feeding and switch to formula. As for cracked nipples, i hope you dont get them, but when i did, the lansinoh lanolin stuff worked wonders. dont be afraid to nurse in public, you have to feed the bebe when he's hungary. if you are a little shy, some stores have room specifically for nursing moms, others will let you use thier change rooms. most places i;ve found are quite accomodating.
BellaH68 BellaH68 6 years
I agree, don't give up! Despite how some people (not here, but in general) can ,ake it sound, breastfeeding is a learned skill, not something that just happens because of nature. Keep a glass of water near you when you BF. During let down, many women get thirsty. Try to keep your baby awake long enough to eat fully. I tickled my sons feet or played with his ear. The fatty, nutrient rich hindmilk fills them up and settles their tummy. The foremilk can give them gas, and it can be hard to see your baby scream from gas pains. Purchase some mylicon. At some point, your baby will need it. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HAVING A LACTATION CONSULTANT AT THE HOSPITAL! I didnt get much help at the hospital, but thankfully the LC left me her phone number and she became my personal angel in the weeks after giving birth. Some babies can be bothered by what YOU eat. i had to cut dairy out of my diet for 5 months, despite the fact that his pediatrician said it doesnt cross the breastmilk barrier...Lots of desperate research and my sons relief after eliminating certain foods told me otherwise. Have the LC teach you different holds. The sidelying hold was a GodSend for us. Is a very, very helpful article. Bookmark it. too! ( helped alot too.)
commonsense102 commonsense102 6 years
I agree... Don't Give Up! Breast milk is all about supply and demand, but in the very beginning it may not feel like that. My baby was demanding it, but I wasn't supplying it... it took about 3 days for my milk 'to drop' or come in. I think that during this time it is easy to give up or think that you can't produce milk. I had the collostrum and a very tiny bit of breast milk, but nothing that satisfied my little one. I also tried a nipple shield because they were a little bit too big for baby. So I nursed my baby on each breast. ALWAYS. Then immediatly pumped with my awesome breast pump and gave whatever itty bit was there to my baby. I am not a fan of formula, but AFTER doing those two things if my baby was still wailing I gave her 1-2 ounces of formula, no more than 2-3x a day. Then on the third day my milk overfloweth and I tossed the formula and the nipple shield. But then I was struggling with chapped nipples... so I read up and found the La Leche Leauge recommended Lansinoh and it was safe for baby. I tried it and I worked and after a few weeks all was right with the world of breastfeeding.
SarahPW SarahPW 6 years
I agree with almost all of the comments: don't give up! I cried and cried when my baby wouldn't latch right away, and some of the lactation consultants were really stern. I used a nipple guard for a few weeks, and I am glad I did. It really made my life a lot easier. And my baby did not have nipple confusion, as some lactation consultants warned me about. Just know that it will be frustrating, but you will get through it. I have really never talked to anyone who for whom it has come easy. Just stick with it, and know that the frustration is only temporary. No one can really make it any easier, but know that you are not alone in being frustrated and scared. Good luck!
aembry396 aembry396 7 years
4 words: Earth Mama Angel Baby it is a wonderful nipple butter that actually heals chapped skin. I promise, I was not and have not been paid to use it...I just think it is so much better than Lanisnoh, which just lotioned the skin. Drink a glass of water before and after nursing, if you can. And do not be afraid to nurse in different places (around and outside of the house). I often felt confined in my rocker and began to loathe it.
MonkiChriz MonkiChriz 7 years
Increasing the frequency of your feedings increase your milk supply, not the length of feeding so feed often. Get help from lactation consultants - they're there to help you. Nursing is harder than it sounds/looks but it's well worth the work. There is nothing more special than the bond you feel while nursing!
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
Don't give up. Breastfeeding is really hard at first but you'll be happy you stuck it out. And don't worry. Most moms are able to breastfeed and have enough milk. It's a small percentage that can't, and that's usually because they don't have the right support system. Don't let anyone offer your baby a bottle the first few days. It takes time for your milk to come in and the only way that will happen if if your nurse a lot. Good luck to you. You sound so excited about your baby. I hope everything goes well and that you'll post some pics of that little munchkin soon!
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