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Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me? Tapping the Pacifier

Bottle, breast, finger or pacifier babies love to suck. From the moment they enter the world, lil ones seem on a quest to find something to put in their mouths. While a thumb or finger is always available, 40 percent of LilSugar readers opt to give their babes the artificial nipple when attempting to soothe them.

When baby doesn't immediately calm down, many mamas look for another answer to hush their screaming child. Though singing and shushing work for some, repeatedly tapping the binky works for others. On a recent outing, I looked around to find several new moms standing over their children and tapping their pacifiers in hopes of quieting them down. Where this motion came from I can't tell you, but I can vouch for its effectiveness!

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mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
Thank goodness for the pacifier and the tapping!
Anne26 Anne26 7 years
Yeah, I don't think putting your finger in their mouth is always good especially now that everyone gets sick just by breathing on one another. For some reason that trick always works and helps them to not cry but when they get tired of it that they cry again. I always shake the pacifier or put it in the freezer for a few then give them the pacifier. Also, laying them on their chest and patting their but till they fall asleep. That somehow does the trick. It really depends. There are happy babies, then there are the ones that cry cry cry cry cry. Gosh. Also, if you have not tried the teething biscuit. They think it is food and LOVEEE it. You can make you own at your house with the online recipes.
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