Instead of putting baby to boob, some women just start bottle feedings. Whether it's a conscious decision or a biological one, those who don't breastfeed can let the milk dry up naturally or use aids to help keep their chests from producing the body's natural baby food.

As the milk comes in, non-breastfeeding mothers will become expectantly engorged, but unfortunately will not be able to release the pain like nursing ladies. Those looking for relief might try some of these tips.

  • Moms swear by the power of cold cabbage leaves. Place them in the bra and let them work their magic, replacing them when they have wilted.
  • Wear a sports bra to compress the chest.
  • Use ice packs or bags of frozen corn to relieve the pain of swelling.

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  • Bind the breasts using an Ace bandage or the like.
  • Since mama won't have to worry about her diet, she can relieve the pain by taking Advil or Motrin, which many postpartum mothers already take.
  • Avoid any breast stimulation, as it will encourage let down.
  • Some doctors administer a shot or prescribe pills to help dry the milk up. Women wanting to know more should consult their ob-gyn.

As with any medical practice, check in with your doctor about your specific situation.