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Lots of moms like to think out loud and CaraSubi is one of them. Here is the latest post to her CaraOnSugar blog.

I am O.C. I make no apologies about that. On the other hand, I can also be very sentimental. Quite a conundrum, don't you think?

The test on which side of my personality would prevail finally came on the day I had to pack our stuff to move to a new home. I was tasked to take out sizable items from our garage depot. And although I could have easily chosen to transport them to our new house since they are organized into clear plastic bins, I decided that I had two choices, either donate usable things to charity or discard as much as I can. If they had been in storage for quite sometime, then they wouldn't be missed.


However, in the middle of my sorting, I found out that four of the containers housed memorabilia of my daughter's school work, from preschool to fifth grade. I had kept most, if not all, of her art work, homework, book reports, and science fair projects. They were, to say the least, a capacious lot.

The O.C. part of me tempted me to just close my eyes and empty the bins into our recycling can. But the sentimental side, the one who insisted to keep them all in the first place, kept playing the 'guilt' card, "if you throw them away you will never ever see them again." Oh my! What was I going to do?

Fortunately we are in a digital age, where things can either be scanned or photographed. Although it is not the same as feeling or touching the actual item, digitizing these things makes for a good compromise. I can stick to my hard rules of clearing up the clutter, and still keep my kid's school memories. To make sure they do not stay littered in my computer's hard drive, I decided to compile them all into a hard bound book!

To see the rest of CaraSubi's post, and a preview of her book, keep reading. Start following CaraOnSugar or start your own OnSugar blog. It's easy, it's free, and we just may feature your content on our site!

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CaraW CaraW 6 years
Thanks for your feedback Natasha. :) It's interesting that once you start the process it also takes you into a heartwarming trip down memory lane of your kid's school years! :)
Natasha-Dantzig Natasha-Dantzig 6 years
As someone who is constantly trying to simplify and de-clutter, I love this!
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