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Tips For Throwing a Baby Shower

5 Simple Tips For Throwing a Stellar Baby Shower

The following post was written by Kayla Aimee, who blogs at Kayla Aimee and is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms.

I love throwing parties, but a quick peek at Pinterest can make baby shower planning seem a bit overwhelming. Keeping things simple can still result in a stylish shower that everyone will love and keep you from stressing. Here are five easy tips to help you host a beautiful baby shower without breaking the bank.

1) Pick a Theme — Although it may seem like a lot of work to plan a baby shower around a theme, I have found that having a theme will actually make things easier. There is no need to have an elaborate theme, so don't feel as though you need to DIY a to-scale replica of a circus tent or anything. Even something as simple as choosing a single color to decorate with will help make everything feel cohesive and streamline the planning process. If you go with a pink theme, for example, mix and match various shades of pink for simple but eye-catching decor. It's quick, easy, and looks lovely. 

2) Poll the Mom-to-Be
— Does she hate playing shower games? Do certain scents make her feel a bit queasy? She is the guest of honor and pregnancy can be a little tricky on the emotions, so find out what she would like before asking her to measure her belly with a roll of toilet paper in front of a crowd. It's also probably a good idea to ask about food allergies, lest your guest of honor not be able to eat her celebratory cake!


3) #Hashtag It — Assign a special hashtag for the shower, and invite guests to tag their Instagram party photos using it! After the shower, you can make a little photo album from the guest's photos to give the mom-to-be. It's the 2014 version of passing around a Polaroid camera. Additionally, snap a picture of the expectant mom with each guest to include in her shower photo album! 

4) Recycle — Choose decorations that serve more than one purpose, such as framed prints, votives, or mini bud vases that can also double as favors for the guests to take home. Bonus: easy cleanup! 

5) Get Creative With the Guestbook — There are a lot of opportunities to get crafty and creative with the guest book. Choose a copy of the mom-to-be's favorite childhood book and have guests write a little note inside as a sweet keepsake, or set out some colorful permanent markets and invite guests to decorate wooden blocks.

What are your best tips for throwing a baby shower?

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