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Tips For Work-at-Home Moms

5 Products to Help Work-at-Home Moms Actually Work at Home


Work it, girl! Working from home can sound like an ideal setup for a mom; until one actually attempts to say, write an article, or make an important call with an attention-craving toddler trying to destroy any expensive electronics that are getting between him and the park. Working from home has its challenges, but the pros are pretty amazing. The following products will help mama get her work done, and keep her sanity.

  • A good to-do list is essential for today's multitasking mamas. Remember the Milk ($25) is a top-rated option thanks to its ease of use, and accessibility from multiple devices.
  • What mom doesn't need an extra hand? Being able to have a (brief) phone conversation while throwing a tennis ball back and forth with an energetic toddler might not be the least stressful option, but at least with a device like the Hands-Free VTech Phone ($100), it is possible to do both.
  • Most agree that when choosing a work-from-home schedule, it's best to have distinct times for work and times for play. Great goal, but sometimes that one last email can't wait for naptime or the babysitter. A stand-up desk, like this adjustable height Safco model ($237) is not only great for the back, but it will keep curious lil hands at a safe distance from expensive laptops.
  • Don't underestimate the power of the humble Crock-Pot ($44). The ability to throw dinner fixin's in at noon and not think about it again until 5 p.m. is a major time-saver.
  • The less paper, the better when it comes to staying organized. Swap Post-its and random scraps of paper for Dry Erase Boards ($44) to keep track of lists and notes.

What's your best tip for working at home with kids?

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