On my bus ride into work the other day, I noticed one of the regular riders on board. Typically, the fashionable Lucy Liu look-a-like is suited up to the nines for a day in the office. This particular day, however, she looked like a wreck — perhaps too many martinis and not enough sleep the night before.

As I sat there wondering about her personal life (which shows you how interesting mine is), I came to a sad realization. I used to be that girl. Back in my NYC days, I used to drag myself to work and wonder whose paper I could grab at the last minute if I started to heave from a heavy night of partying. Thankfully, I never had to resort to that. Gone are those days and to them, I say good riddance. In their place, age and mommyhood have taken their toll on me. So instead of looking a disaster from dancing on the bars until the wee hours of the morning, I look like a mess because my daughter was up all night with diarrhea and my nanny showed up late.

Unlike hangovers, a mommyover is not curable with a pill that restores your energy and it will not go away after a good long snooze. But, the smiles, giggles, pouts, hugs and kisses are sure to cure any mommyover in an instant.