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Is Pregnorexia Just an Obnoxious, Upper-Class, "White-Girl" Issue?

Could the latest pregnancy trend really be Pregnorexia, or is it a just a problem that wealthy, self-obsessed moms bring on themselves?

This morning's Today show highlighted the skinny-while-pregnant trend focusing on the rash of celebrity moms-to-be who continue to keep their svelte figures while carrying a baby. The doctors and psychoanalysts participating in the segment highlighted the need to gain weight within the recommended guidelines for both the mother and baby's sake, but the show's resident medical expert frankly stated her disgust with the whole issue, saying:

Pregnancy should be 9 months of root beer floats and bliss . . . This is an Upper East Side, white girl, obnoxious problem. . . . And for the women who can't get pregnant right now, they're not liking this segment. Let's get real!

Watch an excerpt from the segment for yourself and tell me, do you agree with Dr. Nancy's assessment of the issue?

Pumathang Pumathang 6 years
While I'm sure there are some vain, obsessive would-be moms out there, a lot of these people may have an actual eating disorder that they have struggled with for much of their lives. This is such a devastating disease that is so powerful it can interfere with every aspect of their lives, even basic needs. To these people, their eating disorder is too strong to allow them to gain weight just because it's what they SHOULD do. Unfortunately, the weight gain associated with pregnancy can cause a person who has recovered from an eating disorder to relapse. Nobody wants to look pregnant, but for someone whose weight was once the deciding factor of the quality of their life, it can be especially devastating. Obviously, people with eating disorders KNOW their behavior is unhealthy---perhaps better than anyone. But the problem with the disorder is that they are UNABLE to follow healthy choices, no matter how much they want to. Often enough, not even concern for their baby's health cannot overcome their fears. There is no 'it won't hurt anything.' To them, even gaining two pounds carries the weight of being asked to give up their most cherished posession, their eyesight, or a loved one. It's not rational, but these people are very sick. Unless you know for sure whether a particular person is just vain and obsessive or legitimately sick, it's best not to make general statements or judge them.
W4LT W4LT 6 years
Since when did Today employ rabid, anti-choice zealots on their team? Clearly, Dr. Nancy does not believe in "my body, my choice."
urbanugly urbanugly 6 years
Dr. Nancy is on the money. First of all, how can a pregnant woman compare herself to a non-pregnant woman. The two are entirely different - how you look, act, feel, crave, in every psychological and physiological way. Why would you want to be thin? Would you deprive your child of proper nutrition after it was born? What is the difference between before and after its born. Doctors can always be wrong. I gained 20 pounds with my first and she has health issues. I gained 60 pounds with the second child and he is extremely healthy. Maybe your doctor tells you not to gain a lot of weight to make the delivery more speedy, and to make it safer and easier for HIM/HER. The weight peels off after delivery anyway, and goes even faster if you breast feed. So eat now, eat lots, and breastfeed after birth!!
feedup82 feedup82 6 years
I think it is obvious what the Dr . is saying... she is not saying that you need to gain 50 or 100 lbs... but there is a sick obsession with these women not wanting to eat or gain weight during a pregnancy... I mean you are carry a little person that rely' on you to eat..... so stop worrying about your body as far a weight and appearance are concerned.... Weight also affect your ability to be able to conceive as well... in some cases... just be healthy and eat.... enjoy some sugars and chocolate.. it wont hurt. And after you have the boo boo then you can go back to starving if you so chose.... smh lol
lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
I definitely don't think pregnancy should be "9 months of root beer floats," everyone should eat healthy, with some room for splurging all the time, especially a woman who is pregnant. However, I have seen this trend in not only celebrities, but many real women including some of my friends and I find it so disturbing! The even more disturbing part, at least in my opinion, is that it's not just lay people being obsessive about their looks/weight. A friend of mine who is currently pregnant keeps getting hounded by her doctor that she is gaining too much weight - even though she is tiny! She's probably 5 feet tall and weighs about 110 pounds, and yet the doctor keeps telling her that she's too heavy. Women need to to simply use good sense and moderation when it comes to how to have a healthy pregnancy...
LittleMamaAsh LittleMamaAsh 6 years
Yes, starving yourself while pregnant is insanely stupid. If you don't have the maturity to put the baby's health before your own even in utero, you don't deserve to have that child. With that being said, some women just don't gain weight that easily if they're active. I ate healthy and stayed active and only gained 25 pounds each of my pregnancies. Trust me I was eating whenever I was hungry which was every half hour it felt like but I didn't binge on fast food and ice cream and cake. It was fruit, veggies, grilled chicken. It is different with each woman. I knew what my body was supposed to do for my children and I didn't stress over it.
ladydaytrippin ladydaytrippin 6 years
I agree with Dr. Nancy. She is on the money. Being obsessive about the natural weight gain during pregnancy is lunacy! I'm sure Dr. Nancy was not saying go out and gorge on root beer floats and such, just relax and enjoy the process as it is all natural.
Sasorisa Sasorisa 6 years
I'm pretty sure pregnancy isn't about 9 months of root beer floats. My doctor was pretty clear that she did NOT want me to gain excessive weight because it could increase complications, etc. I think along with pregnancy - we should just strive to lead healthier lifestyles. Eat well, exercise etc - but indulge when you need to! It shouldn't be extreme in either obsessive healthiness and obnoxious gluttony. I gain the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy but I look pretty skinny all except for the basketball I have hidden under my shirt. I do NOT want people to think I'm not getting enough nutrition just because of my size!
Vsugar Vsugar 6 years
I think like everything in life, there is a middle ground here. OBVIOUSLY, women who are bulimic throughout their pregnancies to maintain their weight (as one doctor discussed) are INSANE, and these women should be prosecuted for child endangerment. But just because one is pregnant is not an excuse to load up on sugar and junk and eat whatever you want all the time. Eating healthy, staying active, and being aware of the fact that you only need an additional 300-500 calories a day during your 2nd and 3rd trimester and choosing nutrient-dense foods for those extra calories is the way to go. I am pregnant and I'm aiming for 20-25 pounds of weight gain, which doesn't sound like a lot - but you know, if I go over that while making good choices and listening to my body, I'm sure as HE** not going to starve myself because I want to stay thin. I'm focusing on healthy baby and healthy momma, and part of that is not gaining too much weight, but gaining enough that the baby has what it needs for it's development and growth.
mizpolley mizpolley 6 years
I love Dr.Nancy. I agree. I didn't want to gain 80lbs but I certainly understood and accepted my body was going to look crazy, feel crazy and I would pack on some weight. I gained 30lb and did nothing special. I kept moderately active and ate in moderation. It'll be manageable to take it off, but I can't imagine risking the health of my daughter to maintain a size 4 while preggo. This chicks are VAIN and INSECURE.
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