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Excuse Us as We Sob Over Seeing a Toddler With Her First Cochlear Implant Tell Her Mom "I Love You"

There's nothing that melts a parent's heart more than an unprompted hug, kiss, or "I love you" from their kids, and one little girl named Kavya, who is hearing-impaired, just made the latter extra special for her mom. Right after receiving a cochlear implant at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH, a video of Kavya was taken in which she's sitting on her mom's lap and playing with a toy truck. The toddler is clearly busy playing, but stops to turn around and say "I love you" when she hears her mom's voice and sees her face (it only adds to the cuteness that she happened to be wearing a shirt that spelled out "I [heart] you").

"'I love you.' Such an incredibly touching moment between mom and our sweet patient, Kavya, shortly after having her cochlear implants activated!" the hospital wrote on their Facebook post. After the sweet girl tells her mom she loves her, she's asked if she can hear, and adorably nods yes. Kavya's mom is clearly holding back some of her overwhelming emotions in the video, but the floodgates are opened wide for us. Check out the sweet moment above.

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