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Toddler with Elvis Moves Wows the Crowd (VIDEO)

Toddler with Elvis Moves Wows the Crowd (VIDEO)

2-year-old William Stokkebroe sure knows how to wow — and work — a crowd! In this video from Scandanavia, the toddler shows off moves he's learned from his parents, jiving and singing along to Elvis's "Jailhouse Rock" as the crowd cheers him on.

Be sure to watch to the end — the little guy takes a proud bow when the song finishes. 

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BernadetteCallinan BernadetteCallinan 5 years
oh staci, look again!! He is listening to the music, he has some moves lol and the bow at the end, this little one is performing!!
HeatherWaterman12072 HeatherWaterman12072 5 years
OMG He's so stinkin' cute!
cherylclark9718 cherylclark9718 5 years
Too cute
angelanipper angelanipper 5 years
let me say that my year old son is in love with the little girl singing adele lol didnt realize it wasnt posting to that
angelanipper angelanipper 5 years
my 2 yr old son is in love said she was pretty. lol
CoMMember13615078859958 CoMMember13615078859958 5 years
really?! all hes doing is running around in circles and jumping around a little like any normal 2 year old when music starts playing lol
TiffanyAldridge16735 TiffanyAldridge16735 5 years
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