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Is Kicking a Fussy Toddler Off a Flight Taking Air Safety to Unnecessary Extremes?

A family traveling from Washington state to Miami had an unexpected change in plans when 3-year-old Daniel Yanchuck was kicked off of an Alaska Airlines flight for not obeying the directions of flight attendants. "He was cranky. He was trying to get out. The seatbelt was on him, but he was trying to get out and I was holding him down," Daniel's dad, Mark Yanchuck, told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.

Flight attendants moved the boy's mother, who was seated near the front of the plane with her younger son, 1-year-old Dennis, back to be near him, and she said that she was able to calm Daniel down. The plane moved about 50 feet ahead, and then stopped, the pilot announcing that they were headed back to the gate. When it arrived, the family was asked to disembark. A spokesman from Alaska Airlines told reporters that at one point, flight attendants saw Daniel lying across the seat with his legs dangling and the seatbelt near his neck, while the Yanchucks maintain that they were treated unfairly. "I thought we were treated like criminals," mom Svetlana told KIRO 7. What do you think? Was the airline simply following safety procedures, or is kicking a 3-year-old off of a plane too extreme, no matter the circumstance?

Source: Flickr User dchousegrooves

Rhiannon3003578 Rhiannon3003578 5 years
 @chocolatejunkiei Because their parents never taught them any when they were kids.  Of course they grow up and the cycle repeats itself.
Rhiannon3003578 Rhiannon3003578 5 years
With some parents it's easier to get your back up and act all offended and threaten to sue everyone than acknowledge that your child has an issue and do something about it.  Some parents just develop selective hearing rather than deal with it.
Rhiannon3003578 Rhiannon3003578 5 years
Infants haven't figured out swallowing and certainly can't chew gum to relieve the pressure differential in their ears, so no one could say one thing about a baby crying about pain in their ears.  A two or three year old can chew gum or swallow.
Rhiannon3003578 Rhiannon3003578 5 years
Parents of kids with real issues caused by medical or mental conditions should be able to ask the doctor for sedatives or other methods of keeping their kids calm on an airplane.  And before anyone goes off on me for suggesting that we sedate our kids, if that's your only choice it's your only choice, better than the whole family being tossed off the plane.   Plenty of parents these days medicating their kids because they don't want to deal with them or can't deal with them so why is it any different?  That teen that flew the small plane into a Tampa high rise building about ten years ago had been on Ritalin his whole life and the parents lied to get him on it.
Rhiannon3003578 Rhiannon3003578 5 years
 @xena163 I wonder what would happen if one of the little darlings pulled the emergency on a window or worse the door.....  Talk about a disaster, explosive decompression at 20 thousand'd better have one heckuva pilot in the cockpit.  I guess I'm poltically incorrect in believing that straight jackets and muzzles should be available attire for kids that can't behave.
Rhiannon3003578 Rhiannon3003578 5 years
 @John2942671 It's very expensive to fly, for that reason alone, not to mention all the hassles you have to go through to even get on the plane that people should not have more issues caused by unruly kids.  (Drunks cause issues too, same thing.) You're right, if you spank your kid these days someone might call child protective authorities on you.  There's a darker side of the bad behavior problem,. Some parents are just oblivious or don't care or don't seem to think there's anything wrong with how their kids act and then there's also a money angle.  I know a grandmother that raised a bunch of disrespectful adult animals who had kids (taken away from them for abuse reasons) and now she's working on the grandkids to raise them the same way.  The grandkids bad behavior is excused by autism and all to get that disability check and public assistance dollars for the grandkids.  The little boy needs to be spanked red and restricted and the little girl is just a perfect little actress who gets all she wants with trickery...and that's at five.  What chance do either of these kids have of growing up to be productive when the whole family doesn't know how to act?   
Rhiannon3003578 Rhiannon3003578 5 years
 @TooMuch5ugar  @chicagojlo I've always wondered where the line is between ADD and ADHD they sound the same to me.  I don't have kids and don't want them because I know I couldn't deal with it so I make an inteligent decision.  As for psychobabble labels for misbehavior, my favorite has always been Oppositional Defiant Disorder.  I thought all 2 year olds spent their whole day saying no and doing exactly the opposite of what you tell them to?  I'm sure a lot of adults can name and ex who acted like that too so it's not just kids that get that one.
Rhiannon3003578 Rhiannon3003578 5 years
Parents also weren't above a little jack daniels in the bottle or the sippy cup.  No one was ever harmed by it and it put them to sleep so they weren't screaming and bothering everyone else.  I for one am tired of listening to someone's out of control kid and I'm also tired of the psychobabble labels that get applied to kids that simply have no discipline and less self control because every tantrum is catered to by parents that either don't know how to deal with it or don't want to deal with it so they just give the kid what they want to shut them up.   Kids that get what they want with tantrums grow up to be young adults and adults that get what they want with tantrums and other underhanded tricks and they raise more kids that do the same thing.
Sherry2978044 Sherry2978044 5 years
I've had children. I know they can be fussy at times. But this child obviously wouldn't settle down for whatever reason.  He could have become a danger to himself or other people. Parents need to be in control of their children. If they have no control, as these parents had none, then they shouldn't fly with the child. Period.
Jenandjoan2963142 Jenandjoan2963142 5 years
 @John2942671 I've seen a couple of posts here arguing that ADD isn't real.  I'm an adult, 43 years old, and was diagnosed with ADD about four years ago (though the doctor said I'd likely had it my whole life).  I resisted medication until about a year ago, then finally took it.  WOW, what a difference. I went from an average to poor performer at work to one of the top and most trusted employees; I got my checkbook balanced, my finances in order and finally began work on a number of needed household repairs. I wish I'd been medicated when I was younger; I might not have made such a train wreck of my life.  By the way, I also live with a diabetic, and we both eat the low-sugar diabetic diet.  ADD is not an excuse for poor behavior--any kid can learn what the expectations and rules are in a given situation--but it is a real disorder caused by chemical disruptions in the brain. Just my $0.02. 
chocolatejunkiei chocolatejunkiei 5 years
 @FeeJizm .. How true it is....You have a way with words.... makes it  sound almost funny....but we all know it isnt. And you'v hardly touched on the tip of this iceberg!!!  I drive through the ghetto's....My list is much, much, longer  than yours.
Jenandjoan2963142 Jenandjoan2963142 5 years
I feel for the parents here because toddlers can be difficult, but any passenger who won't obey safety rules needs to be removed from the plane.  What I don't understand is why the airlines don't insist on seating family members of small kids together. Most airlines won't fly unaccompanied minors under seven; why do they think the minor should be unaccompanied on the airplane, just because the parents didn't pay $25 extra for a "premium" seat?  Parents of small kids should get a standing exception to that rule.  Just my $0.02.
FeeJizm FeeJizm 5 years
 @chocolatejunkiei A tantrum is a tantrum...bus, plane, train, store, restuarant ect... if in public and causing a disturbance the owners of the uncontrolable disturbance should be removed soa modicum peace can be restored. AS FOR the PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION question.......when I think about sometimes taking the city bus FIVE (5) words and one reflex come to mind................ 1. DAMN! 2. SOAP 3. WATER 4. SCRUB 5. REPEAT **1. GAGGING It's called "PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION" but some people make you think it's actually "PUBIC TRANSPORTATION" Ummmmhuh.....And people......GROWN people ESPECIALLY....know when they have an "aroma" of the "What the Fuhhh" going on about their person. Mama'nem ALWAYS said "You smell yourself loooooooooooong before another person does!" And THEN the "funk'us'amoung'us" wanna GET OFFENDED when/if you move and wann LOOK at you sideways if you CANNOT move or CONTROL your gaga reflux upon inhaling.....Uhhhhh....LET'S NOT even get started about when "Halle May Tosis" is up close and personal with you and there IS NOWHERE to run, turn, move or redirect your nasal intake.  
chocolatejunkiei chocolatejunkiei 5 years
OK everyone... I drive bus for inner city public transportation. What about tantruming kids on the buses??  Anybody ride the bus regular? I'm curious... What are your complaints about the other passengers??
abos85 abos85 5 years
First, this kid was 3 years old, so it would not have helped in this case. Still, if there is a safe (and fast) way to attach a car seat for toddlers, it would be a great idea.   Second, no way should other adults travelling without children pay higher fares because kids under 2 are flying for free. Get real!!!
FeeJizm FeeJizm 5 years
 @Debbe2947460  Why is it that the schedules of everyone on the plane should have been disrupted by their unruley child? To delay the flight for the benefit of a disruptive.....who I am sure did not get this way suddenly upon boarding the plane....would have been a tremendous slap in the face of all the other consumers on that flight. The parents knew or certainly should've known the policy that they needed to control their child or they were going to get booted off the flight, as it has become more and more common and rightiously so. Besides that, it is absolutely pathetric that  a business has to have a policy for not wanting to deal with someone's disruptive child and  anyone who is a parent should be ashamed that policy as such needed to be explained to them. People should no longer have to tolerate bad behavior by kids, and now,  the parents who are ultimately responsible for the behavior are forced to correct it or suffer the consequences of excusing it because they are just kids.   
BeverlyandDennis2817121 BeverlyandDennis2817121 5 years
Out of control kids become out of control parents IMHO....
Jennifer2948811 Jennifer2948811 5 years
Anyone who has kids knows how frustrating it can be to fly with your child, not only as parents but for others on the plane as well. Maybe if the airlines were to to allow kids to fly free under two with their car seats kids would be more easily restrained and feel comfortable in their own seat..just a thought..
chocolatejunkiei chocolatejunkiei 5 years
 @Debbe2947460   ITS A AIRPLANE.......JUST STOPPED THE PLANE???  FOR A TANTRUMING KID???  HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND???    You say Clearly to be fair???   What about being fair to all...everyone on the plane??? If I paid my fare to fly in a plane.. and I got delayed departing for the length of time your suggesting because of a tantruming kid.....I'd be one  pissed off tantruming adult!!   CLEARLY  it isnt fair.. to the rest of paying customers to be delayed,  for any time, like your suggesting.  The airlines and other people have schedules to keep and appointments to keep and NEED to stay on time.    Of course,  crap happens and things get to running late, unforseen, unavoidable, acts of God, terrorists  etc etc.   a tantruming child isnt one of them !!!     I took my 4 yr. old granddaughter groc. shopping with me yesterday. She had a nuclar melt down in the store, in the check out lane. I called a clerk over, said I had to leave NOW... and that there was things in my cart that needed to be put back in  refrig. very sorry...bye and left with screaming child under arm.....AND YOU WANT TO STOP A AIRPLANE FROM DEPARTING?????  Thats just insane......
abos85 abos85 5 years
Typically, families are allowed to board the plane first (most with small children seem to use this opportunity, so if the Yanchuks boarded early, they had extra time to settle him down). Then the rest of the passengers board - usually the whole process takes 25-30 minutes. Then after the cabin doors are closed the flight crew goes through safety procedures with the passengers, so more time has passed. Finally, the plane taxis to the runway and waits in line to take off. How much time do you think is reasonable for these parents to calm their child and prove to the flight crew that they can keep the kid in the safety harness? If this was a typical flight, they must have had well over 40 minutes to do so prior to being 'asked to disembark'. At some point, the airline had to protect themselves from a potential lawsuit, since the child was seen having slid so far down in his seat that the seatbelt was near his neck, and the pilot had given them PLENTY of time to get the boy under control. If you didn't read the comments by switchstick (2 posts lower), he/she hit the nail on the head - the airline was well within their rights to refuse to let this family stay on the plane after they made it apparent that they could not follow FAA guidelines. Forget about rude, loud, etc. - we all annoy one another on travel days. This was about a child melting down in a way that was dangerous to his safety, and the airline tooks steps to correct the situation. Period.
chicagojlo chicagojlo 5 years
@TooMuch5ugar With more attacks. Get a clue and stop being so rude. Karma is a b.
TooMuch5ugar TooMuch5ugar 5 years
 @Yeah Right I'm glad you had good results with that. A change in diet can do wonders!
TooMuch5ugar TooMuch5ugar 5 years
 @chicagojlo Cool, you get it! I'm glad you agree! I did read your earlier post. I even commented on one. ;)
TooMuch5ugar TooMuch5ugar 5 years
 @chicagojlo  @TooMuch5ugar Cool, you get it! I'm glad you agree! ;)
Yeah-Right Yeah-Right 5 years
Maybe if enough kids get kicked off of flights then parents will make them behave.   A lot of "ADD" can be controlled by diet and discipline. Look at what you are feeding your kids. Read "Is This Your Child" by Dr. Doris M. Rapp and check out I have a son who was diagnosed as ADD and after I changed his diet he was changed also. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!!
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