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Here's What Happens When You Attach a GoPro to Your Kid and Then Play Hide-and-Seek

Hide-and-seek is an age-old children's game, but even the classic can get a technological upgrade.

Thanks to this family's clever idea of attaching a GoPro camera to their toddler's head during a round of hide-and-seek, we can all finally see what it's like for a little kid to go in search of his sneaky parents.

It's amazing how this simple, nearly silent video can show the entire thought process this kid goes through as he peers around corners, enters dark closets, and methodically deliberates which door to choose. Could they be in the hall bathroom? The nursery? Thankfully, the family dog helps in the search.

Warning: watching this will make any parent seriously consider the hilarious — and adorable! — benefits of buying one of those pricey GoPros.

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