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Toddler Survives After Swallowing 37 Magnets (X-RAY PHOTOS)

Toddler Survives After Swallowing 37 Magnets (X-RAY PHOTOS)

When 3-year-old Payton Bushnell complained to her parents that she wasn't feeling well, they thought she just had a stomach flu. But an X-ray at the doctor’s office revealed something far more alarming: the toddler had swallowed 37 high-powered “Buckyballs” magnets.

Surgeons were able to remove the magnets from Payton’s intestines Monday, and she is expected to make a full recovery. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Oregon toddler was fortunate. Small magnets can kill children if two or more are swallowed.

Read the whole story (CBS News)

Has your child ever had to go to the ER to remove something he or she shouldn't have swallowed?

Image Source: KPTV via CBS News

LindseyBechard LindseyBechard 5 years
It is way to easy to say 'watch your kid'... And yes, if you know what these things are you would shut up and realize that these could have been swallowed in One mouthful! They are so tiny, like the one mom said, the size of a tic tac! I'm a hawk eye and Im usually called drill Sargent. Lol! I'm very struck with my daughter and the kids that I watch. About a year ago my daughter (then 2) seemed to loose her hair clips too often, so one day I asked her... 'Where'd your clip go? I just put it in your hair 2 minutes ago and now it's gone?' she replied with 'I ate it mommy' and she thought it was so funny. I asked her again, saying 'no you didn't, thats not funny, where did you put it' she says 'I put it in my mouth... And then I swallowed it... I'm sorry mommy'... I didn't want to believe her but in her diaper the next day... There was a tiny neon orange clip sticking out of her poop! She said it didn't hurt but I beg to differ! Lol! She did it right infront of me and it literally took a split second. Kids are monkeys and they are fast. I know I like to use the bathroom myself without an audience... And that 2 min is long enough for kids to get into alot of trouble. And to that 22 year old mom, that's head is up her own ass... All I can say is wow! Just wait. Your turn will come
MistyColeman18003 MistyColeman18003 5 years
To all the "perfect" moms, especially that 22 yo mom that's better than anybody older than her get a friggin grip. You guys couldn't have survived 1 damn day with me when I was a toddler. I could get out of anywhere. It didn't matter how many deadbolts and chains were on a door I could get out and usually I did my escaping while sleepwalking. So it's absolutely plausible that a very intelligent and crafty 3 year old could swallow those in a matter of seconds! And to those saying they watch their kid so much better I guess that means you never ever sleep?!
ErikaWhite ErikaWhite 5 years
It doesn't seem like you guys know what this product is. It is an adult brain teaser kind of toy. They are the size of a tic tac, maybe smaller, and the entire set is a few hundred magnets. 37 of them is like the length of a stick of gum by the width of a centimeter or two. It is completely understandable that a child could swallow these within a minute. Especially if they had their eye on it for awhile and had seen mom or dad play with them and were just biding their time to get their hands on it
TonyaMorris18777 TonyaMorris18777 5 years
Right after my twins (aged 4) received their hearing aids and we had listened to all the strict warnings about taking care with the hearing aid batteries, my son (age 2) come up to me and proudly announced that he had swallowed a button. I looked at the supply of batteries and realized one was indeed missing. (Even if he had not told me, I kept close eye on the hearing aids and batteries as these products were being worn by preschoolers AND cost us over $10,000 OUT-OF-POCKET.) The batteries can desolve and kill a small child in less than 24 hours. I rushed our son to the ER for an x-ray, but the doctors found nothing. It seems the battery had fallen out of the packet and into a small corner of the box where I could not see it. As for the button, yes there was one missing from his sister's outfit I realized that night while getting the children ready for bed. Scary day, fortunately all was well.
wolfcat87 wolfcat87 5 years
It is irresponsible for a parent to not know their kids swallowed so many objects. My kids liked to eat inedibles, but I always knew what they were eating. (Like dirt and chalk) My only surprise was leaves, but I knew where and when my daughter consumed them.
AngelaDowney55611 AngelaDowney55611 5 years
Some of the mothers on here are so full of it!! I have three children. My oldest chewed the occasional crayon and my middle only chewed her fingers and and her pacifier. I was in NO WAY prepared for my son, the baby. He could spot an inedible object at forty paces and be on top of it, swallowing it, before I realized what he was doing. This was BEFORE he could walk. Mind you, he has two older sisters. I have found a barbie shoe, a head from a squinkee, RIBBON, and yes, a watch battery in his diaper. I am not a bad mom either. God bless all the moms on here, some for standing up for this mom, and others for being so perfect and vigilant and NEVER letting your child out of your sight. Out of curiosity, how do you use the bathroom? Do you bring your child with you?
CoMMember13610769365687 CoMMember13610769365687 5 years
I agree with u Ashely hughan but if a kids too quiet, something's up and a kid being unattended for so long that he swallows 37 of them, not even a few is just irresponsibility. I'm a 22 year old mom of an almost 3 year old and most of the time I think I'm a way better mom than the older generation. Ridiculous.
CoMMember13610769365687 CoMMember13610769365687 5 years
37 swallowed? Jeez people. Where's your parenting?
SoniaQ78695 SoniaQ78695 5 years
Looks like there's a fetus in the uterus
EricaBurchKing EricaBurchKing 5 years
Seriously I have a 3 year old that love to go and play in his room BY HIMSELF Im not going to be there all the time. As well when I clean his room I fine all sorts of things hidden. 3 year Olds are smart and pretty self efficient so get a grip stop judging you don't know what the situation was.
PollySmith29699 PollySmith29699 5 years
"Has your child ever had to go to the ER to remove something he or she shouldn't have swallowed?" My daughter stuck a bead in her ear when she was 3. We had to go to the ER to have it removed. It took 3 people to hold her down and 1 to extract the bead. Afterwards, you would never know she had been "down".
DanielleLemire DanielleLemire 5 years
I'd say that's one lucky kiddo. And I agree with previous posters that this doesn't make her mom a bad mother. My 2yr old son actually managed to eat the better part of a bar of baby soap. Scared the hell out of me, and I'm still not sure how he even got his little hands on it. I left him gated unto his room for all of 10 mins while I rounded the corner and made lunch. Came back around with his lunch and saw the soap pieces scattered around him. JEEZ!
CariStokes CariStokes 5 years
Um that is obviously a human x-ray and yes while the digestive tract is thin it is also flexible. Why would they post up a fake article? Seriously.
ShariStubler ShariStubler 5 years
Even of they did show you a dog x-ray (which I don't think they did; I look at dog x-rays daily), it could still be possible for the bracelet to be in a perfect circle, especially if it was still in the stomach at the time the picture was taken. Know what you're talking about before making false assumptions.
amorris72200 amorris72200 5 years
My son (11) got these magnets as a gift for his birthday this year, they are called Bucky Balls and the are made to make any shape you want them to. He made me a "bracelet", a "necklace", a "ring", and a tower! They are really quiet powerful, and should not be used by small children, or around computers, and other electronic devices! Parents, make sure you buy more age-appropriate toys, Please!
DaniellePike81092 DaniellePike81092 5 years
i agree wtih cristal, doesnt look like a human body, and infact I wonder how the bracelet of balls would be in a circle like that, as the human digestive tract is long and thin, they would be squashed into a long line, not in a perfect looking circle as it is there. if it is true, its a close escape, if she had swallowed more later, it could have lead to death (as it has in many other cases... which is why we no longer have little magnest like that or magntrix type things)
ChristalHill ChristalHill 5 years
that looks like a dog x-ray to me...
RobinFeaster RobinFeaster 5 years
And as a point, there was very little that my son couldn't get into when he was 18 months old, much less when he was 3. If you have a bright enough active child, it might be hard to keep everything out of reach unless you lock up a cabinet with a key. My son managed to escape out a window by unlocking both locks, turning off the alarm, opening it, and pushing out the screen. And we installed all of it while he wasn't home. And one of the locks and the alarm were both at the very top of the window. Thankfully our yard there was fenced in, and he was just heading 'next door' to grandma's (same property). And he helped his brother escape as well. Don't underestimate a 3-year-old.
RobinFeaster RobinFeaster 5 years
We have a bunch of these, though they weren't called Buckyballs. A bunch of us were messing around with them, and friends had a toddler with them. When we were missing magnets (about 4 of them) my husband and I started frantically searching. Thankfully we found them and the kid hadn't eaten them. No one else knew that magnets could be hazardous to the little guy, so we made sure to educate everyone there before anyone could mess with them again. Thankfully I never had an incident with my kids swallowing anything. Just had something stuck up a nose.
JanMol JanMol 5 years
yep, we have an xray just like that one that luckily showed that my 3 yr old only swallowed 1 magnet. I had a bracelet with a magnetic clasp and she pulled it off my wrist while I was changing the baby. by the time I got my youngest's diaper on and chased my 3 yr old down she had already eaten one half of the magnetic clasp.
JenEbright JenEbright 5 years
The reason why swallowing two or more can lead to death is that they risk being attracted through the intestines. It can cause a tear, or blockage and if untreated it can be fatal.
LynseyHutsby LynseyHutsby 5 years
As a single Mum of 4 I know how impossible it is to watch your child every SECOND!! Leave this poor Mum alone, she feels bad enough as it is!
TeresaSandovalMendoza TeresaSandovalMendoza 5 years
Ok, to clarify for those saying it would take a while for a toddler to swallow that many magnets... “Buckyballs” are tiny enough that when stuck together magnetically that a toddler can swallow them all together at once. They do not separate easily and that is why they are sold at places like Brookstone for entertainment purposes. The company has even just released this statement on their website "Buckyballs was saddened to learn that a 3-year old girl in Oregon had swallowed high-powered magnets but we are relieved that she is expected to make a full recovery. This unfortunate incident underscores the fact that Buckyballs and Buckycubes are for adults. They are not toys and are not intended for children. We urge all consumers to read and comply with the warnings we place on all our products, on our website and in stores. Please keep these products out of the hands and reach of all children."
ZinaCottman ZinaCottman 5 years
Iam so glade that she is okay and it's not her parents fault. I had accident almost like that my son was 2 yrsold and me and his dad was in the kitchen getting dinner ready when I walk into the livingroom to check on him and saw that he had ate a hole box of month balls I was so scared I though to myself when I was in the hospital is how could I be so uccareless
AdrianneTaylor AdrianneTaylor 5 years
well said heather, as a mum of two i know no matter how vigilant you are shit happens and they do get into stuff, just glad it all worked out ok for them
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