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This Toddler's Chick-fil-A Meltdown Is Going Viral For 1 Hilarious Reason — and It's So Relatable It Hurts

As the parent of a 2-year-old, I'm very familiar with the fickle nature of a toddler's temperament. I've witnessed my son lose it when I've given him something he actually asked for, which is why Reddit user secretgirl1989's Chick-fil-A outing with her 3-year-old is something every toddler mom can relate to.

She recounts a familiar-sounding story: parent takes child out in public, parent does something completely normal and reasonable, child reacts insanely unreasonable and proceeds to lose his sh*t while parent watches child helplessly as a small crowd gathers and stares. A day in the life, right? Here's exactly what went down during a routine lunch stop for this mom:

Fun at Chick fil a! from r/Parenting

Watching your child disintegrate in public while people stare doesn't always seem funny in the moment, but recounting the ridiculous circumstance of a meltdown once it's over is the chuckle-inducing, cathartic experience every parent needs. It's the reminder that you really shouldn't feel embarrassed about your toddler's tantrum. This mama's tale of the Chick-fil-A tantrum inspired other parents to chime right in, and we seriously can't stop laughing.






Yup, sounds about right!

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