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Top 10 Essential Baby Items

Top 10 Essential Baby Items

Feeling overwhelmed by all the products on the market for new babies, and wondering which are truly essentials that other moms swear by? Aside from safe cribs and car seats, Circle of Moms members say these 10 baby products are the must-haves they couldn’t have lived without.

1. Baby Sling or Carrier

From Moby wraps to Mei Tais, baby slings and wraps earn high praise from moms for enabling hands-free carrying. As Stasia K. shares of her Ergo Baby Carrier, “My daughter has spent half of her life in it and LOVES IT. From there she can safely see and learn from the world around her while I have two free hands to do the housework, walk the dog, make dinner, etc.”

2. Bouncy Chairs and Swings

I don't know what I would do without my bouncy chair,” says Mallory C., one of countless moms who say swings, bouncers and rockers were essential for entertainment and sleeping. Melissa S. remembers: “I was SO grateful to have a baby swing, that's the only way I could get her to sleep for the first 6 weeks.”


3. Boppy Pillow

This wildly popular U-shaped pillow is one of the most beloved baby products around. Amanda C. explains its multipurpose allure: “I found it so useful for breastfeeding, for keeping baby elevated after feeding when he was a newborn, (and for) extra support when my little brother held my son. When he got older he would sit in it (in case he fell back) to play, and sometimes nap in it! I love the Boppy.”

4. Swaddling Blankets

Baby swaddling blankets are wonders,” advises Natashia M. “Especially for fussy babies.” While some moms are partial to certain fabrics, features and brands (as in flannel, Velcro or Miracle Blankets), the general consensus is that swaddling blankets are simply amazing.

5. Nipple Cream and Nursing Pads

Sore and leaking nipples? Ouch! Numerous nursing moms agree with Bethany B. that Lansinoh nipple cream and nursing pads are a “gift from God” for easing discomfort. (Medela creams are popular, too).

6. White Noise

Whether it's a machine that emits ocean waves, heartbeats and "womb sounds," or the radio turned to hushed static, some kind of white noise maker is a must-have for many new moms. Denise T. shares: “My husband just burned a CD from the Internet and we just used a CD player on repeat, works like a charm.”

7. Breast Pump

A high-quality pump is a must-have for many breastfeeding moms, especially those who work outside the home. As Stephanie F. advises: ""I know it may seem expensive - but a GREAT breast pump will save you time, money and frustration!" Hannah H. agrees: “Do invest in Medela or another hospital-grade one."

8. Mylicon

When colic and gassiness strike, moms like Jessica H. say Mylicon is incredibly helpful: “MYLICON!! Oh my Gosh, I have a gassy baby! This is without a doubt my number one item.” (See also 9 Essentials for a Nursery First-Aid Kit).

9. The Hooter Hider

“I don’t leave the house without my Hooter Hider,” admits Kelly M., and she's far from the only one. Many moms love how this nursing cover allows discreet breastfeeding in public. Karen S. agrees, calling it “an absolute essential for nursing.”

10. Lots of Burp Cloths

Candace C.’s one must-have baby item? “8 billion baby face cloths." The truth is, you're going to need something (make that a lot of somethings) to wipe up the steady stream of drool and spit up that babies so expertly produce. As Alison W. advises, “You can't have too many little cloths!!!

Image Source: devinf via Flickr/Creative Commons

Join The Conversation
ElisabethHarbourt ElisabethHarbourt 6 years
I nursed 7 babies and only had the burp cloths and a bouncy seat. But after having a c section an absolute must was an abdomen binder.
KellyElms KellyElms 6 years
So true bout slind and burp cloths!! Essential :) and i'm noticin my newborn 2nd-child is likin bein elevated on a pillow.
JessicaSmead JessicaSmead 6 years
I never went anywhere without mylicon drops and burp cloths first of all and if u don't know what mylicon is u should find out quick because you do need them. I used the nipple cream and it worked so much better than lotion. The boppy pillow and boppy lounger have come to be mine and my Childs best friend. And I just bought the carrier and she seems to love it. My first daughter hated the thing though. Our swing and bouncer are awesome too she loves the swing bc it has all kinds of settings to it and lights on it. She loves the bouncer I usually take it in the bathroom while I'm getting dressed and let her sit in it. These things are a must have ! Oh and I would have to say the pack n play yard is very helpful for sleepovers and trips must have !
DinaHannaGad DinaHannaGad 6 years
Couldn't agree with this list more, except maybe #8, never had to use that.
YanaViteri YanaViteri 6 years
I agree with the posts below- if you do not breastfeed, you dont need half of these items. And both my kids hated the baby carrier and swing so that was a waste of money for us (although you will not know until you try those!) Yes on Mylicon, swaddling blankets, and burp cloths. Boppy was great too.
SharonFarrell36546 SharonFarrell36546 6 years
A white noise machine is the WORST idea ever! Once you get a baby hooked on it your in big trouble if you ever dont have it. I think the baby swing/bouncy chair would deff have been my #1.
PhyllisCooley PhyllisCooley 6 years
I found everything on this list to be VERY HELPFUL! Except for a white noise machine...The boppy pillow was very helpful for breastfeeding...For work and travel, a good breastpump is essential...a sling (the ERGO is the BEST) is great if you have other little ones so you can be hands free and I can't tell you how much the swing helped us with nap times! But every mother is different. What works for some, doesn't work for others...just depends on the baby. To each her own. Oh and Mylicon/Baby gas-ex I heard works for some but we used gripe water...and the hooter hider was nice for flights.
AnnabelMcAnulty AnnabelMcAnulty 6 years
I chose to formula feed my 3rd baby so the breast feeding items are irrelevant but I have to say tat receiving blankets are a definite must, the bouncy chair is a godsend and I love the boppy pillow. My 3 year old can hold her baby sister, I can feed her a bottle with comfort and support too. My baby carrier is awesome for grocery shopping, when I need the extra space in the cart and still need to hands to shop and hold hands with my 3 year old. I will not criticize others for what they find essential. Whatever helps you get through the day and keeps your baby content is a must have item!!!!
Rachel3790 Rachel3790 6 years
1. I have a sling for both my kids and NEVER used either.. 2. Had bouncy seats for both never used them. 3. Never owned a boppy and never missed having one. 4. Never owned a swaddler and never would have used it. 5.Didn't use Nipple cream or pads. I used lotion worked. 6.Don't believe in white noise I teach my children from birth to sleep in our world not their own. Hard to over come if you start using it. Such a headache. 7. Never used a breast pump I breast feed all the time when I did breastfeed. 8.Don't know what Mylicon is and apparently never needed it. 9.Never used a hooter hider if i needed something receiving blankets worked great. 10. Never used a burp cloth receiving clothes worked great and cloth diapers. All of these things are a waist of money. Don't pay this list any mind. JUNK.
MeaganSmith32275 MeaganSmith32275 6 years
Most of this is unnecessary... Unless you breast feed... Which makes it VERY 1 sided... Most of these things I had and literally never used. Obviously "essential" is a bit of a strong word there...
MelissaWittry MelissaWittry 6 years
#6 is completely unncessary. Sing or hum to your baby if you must but just know that once you start with the noise or music it will be very difficult for them to fall asleep without it.
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