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Top 10: Funny Quotes from Our Toddlers

Top 10: Funny Quotes from Our Toddlers

As toddlers begin to speak and interact more with their surroundings, the words that come from their mouths can be hilarious. We've surveyed Circle of Moms members for the funniest thing they've heard from the mouths of their babes, and we're cracking up over the responses. Below are 10 of our favorites...enjoy!

“When my 4 year-old was younger and learning his body parts he would call his elbow his ELMO, it was sooo cute that I never corrected him so now we all call our elbows our elmo's... even my fiance slipped [and] told me ‘today at work I hit [and] bruised my elmo.’ Very cute!” -Bec P.

“He says I wanna go beep. Instead of ‘sleep.’" -Lisa F.

"I definitely taught my 16 month old son how to yell 'SPARTAAAA!' dramatically with one fist to the sky...The best part of his newly discovered word is when he decides to scream it during 'Mail Time' on Blue's Clues, lol, good times.” -Sarah M.

“My 2 and 1/2 year old goes outside everyday and says, 'Hmm, sky turned the light on.’” -Rebecca B.

“She calls everyone ‘Bob.’  It doesn't matter if they are male, female, old, young, if she knows them or not. Everyone's name is Bob!” -Ranaye G.

“My child says 'pee cream' often, meaning 'ice cream!'"-Shalaina

“My one twin says vaccuum all the time fine and good but his v sounds like a F and forgets to finish it with a M.”-Olga K.

“He says 'I sowee' for I'm sorry, which we were working on when he hits or takes something that isn't his, but now he says it whenever he has a negative emotion (because it usually upset him to have to say sorry). So he'll be throwing a tantrum and screaming 'I Sowee!!!' at the top of his lungs. Or he falls down and says 'I sowee.' So sad, but in a cute way. :)” -Shandra S.

“My daughter Alivia who is 2 calls a fork a 'dork.'" -Elizabeth H.

“My two year-old son the other day got a 'booby:' booboo + ouchie = booby.” -Corin V.

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HeatherDavis629 HeatherDavis629 5 years
My 2 1/2 year old loves to put on my heels, grab her purse, put on a bracelet and say " Bye bye Mommy, see you later. I'm going to the store (or going to work)" When I ask her if she has money to go to the store, she says "Um noooo. I have to go to the store to BUY the money Mommy." LOL, cracks me up every time. A little before she turned one, she started calling her grandpa "PumPum" and my uncle "Punkin". No idea where she got those but it's so cute!
karleigh26457 karleigh26457 5 years
my 22 month old daughter will ask to be let out of her room when we are having play time by saying " i gotta go" SOOOO CUTE
kassicaffrey kassicaffrey 5 years
my 20 month list of words num nums: food i yowe you: i love you die: out/in side (not the best one lol) baa: bath Daeeee: daddy bapa: grandpa sbob bob: spongebob keey: kitty mayeee: maddy (her best friend) and many many more =D
HeatherThomas99873 HeatherThomas99873 5 years
My son will be two in January and he calls tomatoes (which I call "maters" lol) "maymu"... I love it! ♥ soo funny!
TaraPhillips81408 TaraPhillips81408 5 years
My son recently got his Turtle Toddler magazine in the mail and on the back cover was a picture of Humpty Dumpty (he calls Humpty Humpty) will a bandaid where his boo boo was. It looked like cracks, so my son 2 1/2 looks at it and looks at me and asked "Humpty Humpty crack head?" Meaning humpty humpty crackED his head? It was the funniest this EVER...
khadijahassan khadijahassan 5 years
my son says solly for sorry, and when his baby brother hurts him self he kisses him on his wawa (he calls it wawa instead of booboo) and starts patting him on his head if he is crying or hugs him, it is so cute
ayeshaHills ayeshaHills 6 years
It was raining one day and we where in the middle of potty training. I was in the next room and I hear my daughter saying potty. So I go ck on her. When I do she pulls me to the window and says look go potty. She thought the clouds where going potty.
LyndseyGosling LyndseyGosling 6 years
My daughter used to call the harry potter films Harry Hotter and monsters inc was Big monsters wink we did have a giggle at theese every time she said them!!!
ErikaRoman ErikaRoman 6 years
MY 20month old would often say "Cuckoo" for Thank You... love him to bits...
AmberMayfield4727 AmberMayfield4727 6 years
My daughter used to say when you were tickling her stomach that you were "getting her snugget" so when we were played the named the point to your body parts game, snugett was added to the list. :)
SaraMcLeod86979 SaraMcLeod86979 6 years
My 2 1/2 year old always wants us to carry her (because we are carrying her little brother) so she will ask, "carry-you me?" Because we would always ask her "do you want me to carry you?" She also loves correcting us and her friends "It's not yeah, just yes."
KalynKnowlton KalynKnowlton 6 years
When my 14 month old wants a snack, he goes to the kitchen where the snacks are and says "nack" and signs please and says "meese".. Too Cute!!!
TiffanyTyree TiffanyTyree 6 years
My brother taught my 2 1\2 year old to point and say, "Get a job". He says that to everybody he meets.
GabrielleCoventry GabrielleCoventry 6 years
My 21mth old says 'mewk' for music, 'pees' for please, 'bubbles' for boogies, and 'I dove muck' for I love you this much.... bless her
GinaFaburadaJeanbourquin GinaFaburadaJeanbourquin 6 years
I have an early talker baby, at 10 months she was mimicking me, I told to myself she would talk soon, at 12 months she spoke different words out from her books, at 15 months she tried to read her book to the cat, as she opened a page of the book which picture was dwarves swimming at the lake she said "the book the book to meow meow splasssh splassh!". I was amazed of her idea to read. At 24 months when her grand parents visited our home she pulled her grandpa and said "brapapapa sit on the sofa!" the grandpa sat on the sofa my baby sat beside him ang gave to him her book and said "brapapapa read!"
JenniferPeterson649 JenniferPeterson649 6 years
We got a new security system for our house and my 4-year-old daugher was concerned about why we would need that. We live in a nice neighborhood but had to have the 'robber' talk. Since then, she's called robbers 'Rogers' - and when it's raining just a bit, she says, 'Mom, it's only tinkling (you might say sprinkling).
DawnHolloway43190 DawnHolloway43190 6 years
My 2 year old son Tucker says keys for please, kankkoo for thank you, Bo Bo for blankie (not sure how that happened) and recently when he sees a horse he calls it an achoo. I have no idea why but it's adorable
CharlotteReeder CharlotteReeder 6 years
My son says boom for spoon, so cute!!!
pennyjohnson55826 pennyjohnson55826 6 years
My two year old calls baked beans BITEY BEANS, and his bottle and huggy are bopple-guggy
SarahGrantWasGreenaway SarahGrantWasGreenaway 6 years
My son almost 3 says upsway down for someting that is upside down, Soooo cute.
StevieWilliams24712 StevieWilliams24712 6 years
My 20 month old daugh says 'Kank Koo" for thank you! Which is very sweet.
NildaDazzio NildaDazzio 6 years
My 3yr old says a bunch of funny things... one that really stuck out to me because it just shows how smart he is and how good of a sales man he is... he said to me one day while we were getting ready to head to the store... he says "Mommy, let's go to Publix and lets get a cookie..does that sound like a plan?"
Stephanie73816 Stephanie73816 6 years
We were sitting in the van waiting to pick up my daughter from school and the sun was right in my son's face. So he said "mommy, can you move the sun, its in my face." I reply "no bubby, I can't." Then he said, yes you can, you're mommy and you can do everything. He was 3 at the time.
ColleenHudson ColleenHudson 6 years
My little girl calls her finger, minger. I find it so cute. when i put her to bed she says love u minion.... instead of love you millions. She is so cute. xx Colleen xx
TerriLowryLocker TerriLowryLocker 6 years
I would always ask my kids to "Behave" when I sent them out to play, visiting friends, dropping at daycare, going to the grocery... one day I said,"Behave" and my daughter looked up and said.."Mommy, I AM being HAVE" if HAVE was something she could be. =]
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