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The Top 10 Gender-Neutral Names for Girls

The Top 10 Gender-Neutral Names for Girls

Thinking about giving your baby girl a gender-neutral name? There’s no denying the popularity of androgynous names, especially for baby girls. As Krista E. shares in Circle of Moms’ community for parenting debates, when she was pregnant and looking for boys' names, she found that “many of the boys' names that I liked have been co-opted for girls.”

Here are the 10 gender-neutral names that were most commonly given to newborn girls last year (2010) by Circle of Moms members:

1. Madison

2. Addison

3. Avery

4. Brooklyn

5. Riley

6. Mackenzie

7. Taylor

8. Peyton, Payton

9. Sydney

10. Morgan

Several names on this top 10 list Madison, Addison, and Mackenzie  very clearly originated as boys names. The tip off? All three of the names mean “Son of ___”.  Moms like Victoria P. find that practice frustrating: “For my VERY Scottish family, MacKenzie is not only a man's name, but one that is used frequently. It drives me nuts when it's used as a girl's name because the prefix ‘mac’ means ‘son of’ in Gaelic.”


While many of the other names are generally considered unisex (Taylor, Morgan) they’re now used much more often for girls...parents seem to have grown hesitant to christen their son with a name that could be perceived as too feminine. 

Still, the boys are holding their ground on one particular name on this list: Riley. It ranked #31 in popularity on the ranked list of names that Circle of Moms members gave their boy babies in 2010, while reaching only #39 on the girls' list.

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CoMMember13611642169118 CoMMember13611642169118 6 years
My grandmother's name is Edward. They thought they were having a boy and when she was born, they just didn't change it. I love her name. My daughter's name is Bradleigh. Love her name too. Folks really need to stop worrying about what other's name their kids. I'm sure they are picking the name because they like it, not just to have a gender-neutral name. And if the intent is to give a gender-neutral name, then so be it.
maxineconnor maxineconnor 6 years
when i had riley in 2009 id hadnt heard of some1 else namein their baby riley now ive heard of a few mostley girls tho
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