Tori Spelling is a Mott's mama. In addition to raising two children, the actress-turned-reality star-turned-author has teamed up with the apple juice and sauce company to create a downloadable playdate planner for mothers looking to simplify their kids' social calendars.

Best known for playing Donna Martin on her father's mega hit, Beverly Hills 90210, the star has strayed from her glitzy upbringing to create a down-to-earth foundation for her own party of five — husband, Dean McDermott, stepson, Jack, 9, son, Liam, 17-months and two-month-old daughter, Stella. While the media often focuses on the rift between the celeb and her mother, Candy — in conversation, it's clear that Tori's priority is to keep the communication lines open with her own children. Whether the 35-year-old is talking about Liam holding his lil sis for the first time, planning pirate playdates or suggesting her tot take Shiloh Jolie-Pitt as a girlfriend, it's evident that Tori is deeply committed to her kids.

Currently penning her second book, Mommywood, which hits shelves next Spring and waiting to see if Oxygen is going to pick up Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood for a fourth season, the celeb took time to chat with me about her latest endeavors. To see what she had to say about her family ties and any future on 90210,


Lilsugar: You grew up with the best of things longing for a more normal life. Being that you lead a very public life and have a reality show, have you given up that goal?
Tori: Everyone has their own version of normal and we're definitely trying to live a normal life. On the outside there's the paparazzi, but what I create at home is a very normal environment for our entire family and that is what I long to give Liam.

Lilsugar: It's hectic for any mom to try to take her kids out, how do you deal with the paparazzi and your children's safety?
Tori: That one is really hard. We try to maintain as much privacy as we can and sometimes it's just unavoidable. They don't make it easy. I don't know if I could take both kids out alone. It's really helpful to have Dean or someone come out with me.

Lilsugar: Is parenthood what you expected?
Tori: It's just amazing. The best advice I ever listened to was when someone told me not to listen to anyone's advice because it's an individual experience and as a mom your instincts take over and that's the best thing.

Lilsugar: It's been rumored that your mother is writing a book, what do you think about it? Are you nervous of what she will tell?
Tori: I know nothing about it. I just read it like you. Nervous? No. Everyone has their own stories to tell about their life and everyone is entitled to do so. If she feels she needs to do that then I am all for it. Writing my book was very cathartic and I loved putting it out there.

Lilsugar: What's your best tip for mothers?
Tori: The best thing we've done with Liam is talked to him. We describe everything to him and we don't talk to him like he's a baby. His vocabulary is amazing and he understands so much and he's so happy. It's important to communicate with your child. Now that we've seen that it works, we're doing the same thing with Stella even though she's just two-months.

Lilsugar: Now that you have a son and a daughter, does it remind you of your relationship with your brother, Randy?
Tori: When we were young there was always a big age difference. He was 5 and I was 10 and we were never at the right ages, but then we got to be adults and it seemed like there was no age difference. I'm really excited about Stella and Liam growing up because they are so close in age, I think they will be best friends.

Lilsugar: Are you planning on having more kids?
Tori: If we are able to have more children that would be amazing. We definitely would love to have more children, but we want to take a break right now and focus on Liam, Stella and Jack and let them all become friends and then think about that in the future.

Lilsugar: What's your greatest hope for your children?
Tori: Gosh. Just love — to find love. My biggest thing is I want them to be communicative. I want our whole family to be able to talk about everything. Emotionally, I didn't have a lot of communication in my family growing up and I think it affected me as an adult. I want my children to feel like they can come to us about anything and that we can talk about everything. I can only hope that they find love the way I found it with Dean and that they have an amazing family.

Lilsugar: Since your father passed away, how do you keep his spirit alive for your children?
Tori: I have such amazing stories about my dad that I'll be able to tell Liam as he's growing up. We actually have a family wall in our new house and it has pictures of the family and the kids and there's a picture of my dad. Liam will never be able to be with him, but he'll definitely know who he was...

Lilsugar: Like many mothers, I grew up watching 90210 so I have to ask — there are rumors circulating that you are not going to be part of the spin-off since your salary didn't match that of the other stars. Is that true?
Tori: We don't know where those comments came from. I am currently not going to be involved, but I hope it does work out for the future and I don't want to discuss the reason why. But, it makes me sad that people posted that today. It should be about the show and not about monetary things.

Lilsugar: So, there's a chance you might be on it?
Tori: Um, maybe in the future.