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It Was a Chic, Pink, Beauty-Filled Spa Day For Stella McDermott's Sixth Birthday Party

Jun 17 2014 - 7:53am

We're excited to bring you a new post from mother and actress Tori Spelling and her ediTORIal by Tori Spelling [1] blog. This week, Tori shares her daughter Stella's sixth birthday party [2].

[3]This past weekend we celebrated Miss Stella's sixth birthday party at Le Chic Spa [4], which is an adorable all pink and bling spa for kids. So cute! It was the ultimate girls' spa day. My birthday girl and her closest girlfriends took over the spa for a day of spa treatments, sushi, karaoke, and of course, some delicious birthday cake.

Source: ToriSpelling.com [5]

The day was full of pampering for Stella and her girlfriends, including mani-pedis, facials, makeup, and hair. The little girls looked so gorgeous and had the best time.

Source: ToriSpelling.com [6]

First up, each party guest picked a robe to relax in for the afternoon.

Source: ToriSpelling.com [7]

Then, the girls changed into these sparkly light-up flip flops thanks to Skechers [8]! They were totally pedicure-ready.

Source: ToriSpelling.com [9]

And then, the spa treatments began! Miss Stella kicked off the day of pampering with a chocolate facial, complete with cucumbers for ultimate relaxation . . .

Source: ToriSpelling.com [10]

Then it was time to get glam. Stella had her makeup done, and of course she asked for pink eyeshadow!

Source: ToriSpelling.com [11]

Rhinestones + pink = Stella in a nutshell.

Source: ToriSpelling.com [12]

Then, it was time for nails. Stella had her nails painted (pink, obviously) . . .

Source: ToriSpelling.com [13]

And then had a pedicure! Nothing like a mani-pedi on your birthday to start the year off right . . .

Source: ToriSpelling.com [14]

Liam isn’t one to pass on pampering, so he started off his day at the spa with a major mohawk. . . . That’s one happy kid!

Source: ToriSpelling.com [15]

Proud mama!

Source: ToriSpelling.com [16]

How cute were the tablescapes?! We had cupcakes, spa-themed cookies, pretty peonies, and lots and lots of pink accents. Cucumber cookies, anyone?

Source: ToriSpelling.com [17]

And what spa party would be complete without lipstick cookies?

Source: ToriSpelling.com [18]

And for lunch? Sushi, of course! Lunch was full of all of Stella’s favorite foods . . . sushi, bao, mac and cheese balls, edamame, and cheese. She is such an adventurous eater!

Source: ToriSpelling.com [19]

Stella and her girlfriends changed out of their robes and into their party clothes, and hit the stage for a little sing-along, accompanied by Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

Source: ToriSpelling.com [20]

My birthday girl and her fave princesses (who were from Party Princess Productions [21] and were amazing . . . if you’re need a party princess, you should definitely look them up!

Source: ToriSpelling.com [22]

After karaoke, the time had come to light the candles on this amazing Hansen’s cake [23] and sing to the birthday girl.

Source: ToriSpelling.com [24]

Before she tried out the cake, Stella and her girlfriends enjoyed a little fondue (another one of Stella’s fave foods).

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