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Tori Spelling's Top 5 Potty Training Tips

Tori Spelling's Top 5 Potty-Training Tips

The Pull-Ups brand Potty Dance has provided Spelling with a fun reward for a job well done. "The potty dance has been our saving grace, because I was really freaked out about how do you reward them. How do you get them to do this? How do you convince them it’s a fun thing? When they’re done, I just can't go all 'yay.' I didn’t want to be the mom that offered a cookie to him. When we learned the dance through Pull-Ups, and moms can go on Facebook on the Pull-Ups page and get tips, . . . it was fun for me to learn and then teaching him to do it. Now he gets really excited and if he goes to the bathroom in the toilet and I’m like, 'good boy, yay!' And he’s ready for his dance."

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