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Rubbing a Pregnant Woman's Belly Is Illegal in Pennsylvania

Rubbing a woman's pregnant belly without her permission can admittedly be annoying, but in Pennsylvania, it's also illegal, NY Daily News reports. The state says touching a pregnant belly without permission is harassment. The issue recently garnered attention after a Central Pennsylvania man was accused of repeatedly touching others' pregnant bellies and was threatened with criminal charges. "When you harass, annoy, alarm in the act of touching, then it's a violation, a harassment charge," says attorney Phil DiLucente.

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JAM282 JAM282 3 years
@shannondickerson94010 - apparently you did not read my post, which confirms that there IS a law against touching someone (man, woman, child, anyone) without their permission if done to alarm or harass them. To your other point, there also shouldn't "have to be" laws against rape, murder, etc., but there are because a segment of society cares little about common sense, courtesy, respect, personal autonomy or the value of human life. Again, this is not "news" and not the least bit controversial, the media has just trumped it up to get reactions out of people.
shannondickerson94010 shannondickerson94010 3 years
I think touching anyone without their permission is inappropriate. There shouldn't have to be a law about such things. Whatever happened to courtesy and respect in this country?
JAM282 JAM282 3 years
This is not a new law, it's not unique to PA, and it doesn't say anything about pregnant women. It's the standard anti-harassment law that every state has. This is just the first time it's garnered attention for being applied by a pregnant woman against a belly-toucher (in this case, her neighbor would not stop rubbing her belly even after she asked). It allows anyone to seek charges against unwanted touching that is alarming or harassing in nature--as it should. All people have a right to their own bodies and to keep others from treating them as their own property (same reason we need rape laws). There is nothing remotely controversial here.
TerralynPolege TerralynPolege 3 years
I completely agree with this. you wouldn't walk up to a person who is not pregnant and rub their belly why then do you think just because a person is pregnant they become public property for anyone who feels like it to walk up and touch? It should be illegal everywhere,
NatalieHaynz1363729764 NatalieHaynz1363729764 3 years
I have never been ok with unsolicited physical contact. I don't like anyone touching me, for any reason, without my consent. It has nothing to do with being stuck up. It is about my own personal comfort level. I didn't like it when my own mother touched my belly without asking. I just found it weird. I'm glad that a stranger never attempted it.
AmandaElHassan AmandaElHassan 3 years
It's not about being stuck up at all amorris. It's about respecting another persons personal space. If you think it's actually ok to touch people without their permission (regardless of their situation) then that shows a lack of respect to that other person. I don't even touch my best friends or SIL pregnant belly without their permission. I'm 26 weeks myself with number 2 and I really don't like it when people do that to me. I'm not rude about it, I just explain that I'm a bit funny about people touching me all the time.
amorris72200 amorris72200 3 years
This is so silly! I LOVED it when passer-bys would RUB my belly! Nice old ladies, young little ones, it was nice to know that people took JOY in the fact I was bringing LIFE into this world! People REALLY need to get off their high horses, and stop being so stuck-up!
Allisonjones1374845598 Allisonjones1374845598 3 years
I agree with it. I am 28 weeks pregnant and have not had anyone touch my belly but i would not like it at all if they did, especially a stranger!
LeahPino1361114831 LeahPino1361114831 3 years
I agree! Every state should adopt such a law, although it wouldn't have to come to this if people just respected other's personal space. I tolerated a pat here and there, but some people would just go crazy. One person would even reach right thru the car window and start petting my belly and talking really loud at my baby like I didn't even exist! I ended up getting a t shirt as a gift to warn people it wasn't acceptable.
AmandaN1378012120 AmandaN1378012120 3 years
I like this! I HATED IT when people would touch my belly without asking!! It should be illegal every where!!
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