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Family Ties: Mommy Is Tougher Than Daddy

There are so many reasons why motherhood makes a woman tough. To point out the obvious, we carry a growing human being in our bellies for nine months and then squeeze it out of an unbelievably small orifice. Breastfeeding isn't for the weak either. Women are the gender chosen to endure such pain because we are stronger. This morning I experienced an instance that backed up my belief. To see what it is,


Last night, my daughter coughed all night. When I picked her up from her crib, she had a runny nose and sounded congested. Whenever my daughter has had nasal blockage in the past, her pediatrician has recommended saline drops. Much to her dismay, I decided to give her a few drops of Baby Ayr. Angry and fitful, she fought me off with tears. Upon hearing the wails, my not so chipper husband walked in and said, "I hate it when you do that."

My mom used to say, "This is going to hurt me worse than it's going to hurt you." That was true this morning. I felt bad for giving her the drops, but knew she would benefit. And, I wasn't pleased with my husband for making me feel worse. Moms do what has to be done for our loved ones, even when it's a tough task. Being the softy that he is, he calmed her down. One point for dad and mom's in the hole.

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MarinerMandy MarinerMandy 9 years
My husband is SUCH a softie! My best friend stayed with us for a couple days with her 2 year old daughter. My husband gave in to her on everything she wanted because she was so cute. We are so in trouble when we have kids and they do the puppy dog eyes!
Greggie Greggie 9 years
I had the gallstones. He has kidney stones. I'll take nine month of pregnancy and 2 days of labor any day over passing kidney stones at regular intervals the rest of my life. Then again, I loved the morphing of my body. I happily admit it's me, I love my pregnant body even at a point when the pregnancy itself was hard on me. My main point is that it's a lot of sharing for us. Neither of us is tougher in the end - some things were harder on me, some were harder on him.
roxtarchic roxtarchic 9 years
well he does have you on the "pain" scale w/the gall stone... altho i think you might have him beat on the carrying of the baby for 9 months (there's no real carrying of a gallstone for 9 months, it hurts for a coupla days till it pops its cork so to speak) AND while i agree it's tough "dealing" w/a pregnant person... it's soooo much tougher BEING the pregnant person (watching what you eat, and watching as your body morphs into something you cant even identify much less admit is you) hahah... BUT i agree w/kiki that we pretty much do share the emotional and physical strengths... it's a balancing act... one day he's captain america & then i'm wonder woman... it all works in the end. oh & neither of us could "check out the action" south of my border during delivery.... altho my sister was all over it (w/a camera no less)... i also have a higher pain threshold... but that's not braggin really, just the truth. (i'm also more of a klutz which may have something to do w/the pain threshold, but i'm not sure) ;)
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
Purely on a pain scale I am tougher than he is. I have a higher tolerance for pain (hoping that comes in handy one day!)... I can just take it. His is lower and I've joked before that it is a good thing that I am the one having the baby :) Emotionally we are both strong. I think we'll probably go back and forth on who is the 'softie' or the 'hard one'.... or actually I think we'll just pretty much be even and share the load like Greggie mentioned.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
I also think that putting up with a pregnant woman requires a lot of toughness a lot of the time. *lol* With my boys, I was all happy hormones and energy. With my girl, I could barely move. My husband had to take over pretty much everything. I will forever be grateful that he had the strength to handle us all, and that he never once made me feel like I was dumping it all on him. He just understood. And when he coached me through labor with the first, that took much more strength than it took me. He had to watch me go through it, which I think is often tougher as well. At one point when he thought I was asleep, he called his father and cried because he wasn't able to take on any of the pain and help me out. And he's passed kidney stones. So I can never say he has no idea what labor feels like. *lol* Passing gallstones was much worse than labor for me (and labor was AWFUL), and from everything I hear, kidney stones are worse. Sorry to get all babbly. I just think that me giving birth doesn't give me bragging rights over his inner strength. We share the load.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
See, I think watching labor and c-sections is pretty tough as well. My husband saw me poop on the labor table. I didn't have to see that, thank God. I would've been far more icked out by that than by laboring. You couldn't pay me to bring down a mirror to watch them cut me open, but my husband watches the whole thing. And yeah, I would've shoved the drops up my husband's nose if he'd made a comment like that. Luckily he sees it as a shared thing, like I do.
roxtarchic roxtarchic 9 years
he soooooo would have gotten those drops rrrrright after i was done administering them to the wee'un (and he wouldnt have liked WHERE he'd've gotten em either)... there's NO DOUBT i'm the one that does the doing... of the unpleasant things.... altho i will admit that i'm getting better at sharing some of those duties... or should i say doodies!?! hahah does that make me tougher? no... labor for two days & giving birth makes me tougher! (that and the whole growing up in queens thang)!
Greggie Greggie 9 years
So not true in our house. *lol* Dad is much tougher all around. I didn't even see my first son get his immunizations until he was a year because I couldn't handle it. I was finally forced to when one fell on a day that my husband couldn't take off work. In situations like the saline drops, we both say things like "I hate it when we have to do this."
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