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Toy Box: Toying With Nature

If you've got a lil explorer who plays with rollie-pollies, catches caterpillars and snatches up snails, The Discovery Channel Store has a few finds that your bugger will love.

  • Ant Gel Habitat ($20) — Forget the dirt filled ant farm, based on the design used by NASA to study ants in space, this nontoxic nutrient-rich gel serves as a place for harvester ants to burrow and build. The set includes an ant catcher and magnifying glass.
  • Butterfly Canopy ($25) —Kids can watch caterpillars, spin cocoons and become butterflies in this collapsible habitat that comes with a feeder.
  • Dissect a Frog ($25) — Aspiring veterinarians can practice their skills on this plastic frog. The set comes with an extra set of realistic looking organs, dissection tools, an x-ray and an anatomy guide.
Join The Conversation
Neural Neural 9 years
My mom was joking about getting my daughter an ant farm. But that ant habitat is no joke. That is seriously cool!
karisaamy karisaamy 9 years
I had a bug box when I was a kid, I wish I would of had that frog that's so cool.
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 9 years
I could've used that frog dissection kit when I was younger.
oceangirl oceangirl 9 years
These are great! We had the butterfly canopy and my kids really learned a lot from the process, and then we set them free...will have to check out the frog dissect kit next!
michellelane24 michellelane24 9 years
I think these toys are great! I like that they encourage both outdoor activity and education.
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