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No, mommy's not carrying a watermelon in her tummy! Explaining to your toddler that your ever-growing mid-section actually contains a baby may feel like a lesson in futility. Beleduc's Mother's Body Wooden Puzzle ($22.50) aims to bring the concept to life for the soon-to-be big sibling. With five layers depicting various stages of the lil one's development, the puzzle provides an illustrated look inside mama's belly. While the puzzle does not explain why mum's back is aching and her ankles are swelling, it should help children get excited for impending arrival.

Would you use a puzzle like this to help prepare a child for their new sibling?

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runningesq runningesq 7 years
penises are magic baby wands - LOVE it! ha
mhg mhg 7 years
my complaint is that the puzzle mommy's clothes are ugly. maternity clothes have come so far. why the green overalls and the ugly bowling shirt?
amandachalynn amandachalynn 7 years
My 4 year old asked how babies get in the mommy since my good friend was pregnant. I told him the daddy put it there. He asked with what, I said his penis. Ethan then said "oh so penises are magic baby wands?" that cracked me up. I of course told him that you can only make babies when you're big like daddy, and he told me babies were messy and pooped a lot, so he didn't want them now. I think all you need is to be honest with kids, and you don't need an expensive doll. We're planning on having another one this year, and I plan on taking Ethan to the first external sonogram so he can see what's in there.
jenni5 jenni5 7 years
Too much money!!!!
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
My mom explained the whole pregnancy thing with a wonderful book to me. It's full of sonograms. I own it now and plan on using it for my baby girl.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
lol, not all kids are content with not knowing, and there is no reason to keep them in the dark just to keep them in the dark. You don't have to go into ridiculous detail to explain things. My daughter just turned 2 in Dec, and was really interested in HOW we were getting a baby, where it was now, when its getting here, etc etc. I showed her the diagram at the doctors and she got it more and is much more patient and accepting now knowing. She can feel the baby move and kick - and my stomach is gigantic now at 7 months, so she asks about it - why its big and round now, why its so hard, etc. Kids are extremely observant, not asking/being curious is a learned behavior forced by manners. I would probably get something like this because its educational without being too in depth.
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
All my dad said was, "Your mommy's having a baby." I was all of 3. I didn't care how it got there, and in my parents eyes, I didn't need to grasp that concept. All I needed to know was, "There's a baby in my mom, it's getting here in a few months." And when I have my second/third/whatever baby someday, I'll probably do the same thing. The kid doesn't need a picture of a fetus inside a woman. All he/she needs to know is, "There's a baby in Mommy. She's going to go to the hospital in a few months and when she comes home, the baby will be with her."
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