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Toys to Teach Kids How to Code

7 Toys, Games, and Apps Designed to Teach Even the Youngest Kids How to Code

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Chances are that when you were in preschool, grade school, or even high school, learning how to program a computer was the last thing you had on your mind (for some of us, there were barely even computers in our classrooms!). But with so many kids learning how to play on a tablet before they can even sing their ABCs, it's no wonder there's such a strong push to teach kids how to code as early as possible. And while the concept of stringing lines of abstract code together may sound well beyond a preschooler's reach, with today's toys and games, kids as young as 3 years old can learn how to command a robot (or a parent) to move forward, left, and right and spin in circles. Don't believe us? Check out these toys, games, and apps designed to teach children of all ages how to code!

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