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A Transformers Birthday Party With a Very Special Guest

Jan 29 2013 - 6:43am

"My twins love Transformers, and they really love the Michael Bay movies," says Miranda Konieczny of Whimsically Detailed [1]. "I saw so many of the cute cartoon versions, but I decided that I wanted to do more of a metal/grunge version."

Transformer cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and more made sure the guests were appropriately sugared up at this fifth birthday party, while printables from Hello My Sweet [2] added some aesthetic interest for this party-loving mom. "I didn't want to overdo the decor since our main focus was letting the twins have a good time," Miranda says. "I figured that for my boys I'd learn to chill a bit, and then I'd make up for it with my daughter!" Instead of an over-the-top dessert table, the big-impact element of this event was undoubtedly Optimus Prime himself.

"We purchased the Optimus costume online and my hubby was so excited to be able to surprise the twins with it," Miranda says. "One twin, being the smarty-pants that he is, saw his dad's shoes and said, 'You're not Optimus, you're dad!' Busted." Though Optimus's true identity was revealed, the party was still a success! Keep clicking to see all the details.

Source: Whimsically Detailed [3]


"Hello My Sweet [4] created a huge background for me. I love the city background with the sky/space feel," Miranda says. "I cut it into three sections and printed off three 20 x 30 pieces. Much less expensive than a 60 x 30. I think it was around $12 for the whole thing! I used three black foam boards behind the background."

Source: Whimsically Detailed [5]

Transformers Cupcakes

"The gigantic cupcake stand was made by my sister and brother-in-law over at Cute Kids Food Box [6], and it comes in so handy!" Miranda says. "I spray-painted it a metallic black to match the theme. The awesome cupcake toppers by Lynlee's Petite Cakes [7] were made to match the printables."

Source: Whimsically Detailed [8]

Cupcakes, Transformed

Transformers cupcake toppers from Lynlee's Petite Cakes [9].

Source: Whimsically Detailed [10]

Cool Cookies

"I had two sets of cookies made for the party," Miranda says. "I wanted a more vintage Transformers set, and then ones to match the movie theme and printables," Miranda says. The vintage cookies came from Dandy Delights [11], while the modern cookies were made by Artfully Delicious [12].

Source: Whimsically Detailed [13]

More Cookies

A closer look at the cookies.

Source: Whimsically Detailed [14]

Cakes, Squared

"Brenda from Sugar High [15] just about knocked me off my feet with the cake toppers," Miranda says. "She made them to match the more realistic version of Bumblebee and Optimus. I also met a local lady who created the cakes to look like metal, and they tasted so good!"

Source: Whimsically Detailed [16]

Sweet Metal

"Since the cake toppers were so awesome, I decided to let them sit out to dry, and then I placed them in shadow boxes in my twins' room," Miranda says. "They are just like hardened clay and are so perfect!"

Source: Whimsically Detailed [17]

Cake Pops

"One of my favorite treats were the Transformers cake pops from kCreative [18]," Miranda says. "I absolutely fell in love, and they were beyond yummy!"

Source: Whimsically Detailed [19]

Juice Boxes, With an Edge

Juice boxes wrapped with printables from Hello My Sweet [20].

Source: Whimsically Detailed [21]

Rockin' Seats

Each seat got something a little special.

Source: Whimsically Detailed [22]

Place Setting

"I wanted to get each of the children an Optimus or Bumblebee plate [23], but with the time and cost, I was only able to get two plates," Miranda says. "With the others I cheated by printing out the stickers and placing them on plain black melamine plates from Target. The plates were only $1 each, and it came out to just a bit more than paper plates."

Source: Whimsically Detailed [24]

Transformers Piñata

"We always have a piñata at the party. It lets the kids get out some pent-up energy!" Miranda says. How incredible is this one?

Source: Whimsically Detailed [25]

Favor Station

"I found these little wooden Transformers at Cracker Barrel and thought it was meant to be," Miranda says. "The gable boxes were empty so the children could have a container to put their candy from the piñata, and then they could choose what they wanted from the thank-you gifts." Gumball tubes, scented playdough from My Little Otter [26], robot crayons from Posh Paper Creations [27], and Transformers toys, mini cookies, and masks from Bessie Pooh [28] were among the offerings.

Source: Whimsically Detailed [29]

Thank-You Box

Boxes full of take-home goodies.

Source: Whimsically Detailed [30]

The Guest of Honor

"It wouldn't be a party without Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, now would it?!" Miranda says. Her husband dressed as Optimus and a yellow car version of Bumblebee delighted the guests.

Source: Whimsically Detailed [31]

Another Special Guest

"Our local fire station is always so very generous when it comes to the parties," Miranda says. "The kids always have so much fun!

Source: Whimsically Detailed [32]

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