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Transgender Child to Live As Girl

Mother Stands by Her Transgender Child

The responsibility of raising a child to be a contributing member of society can be enough pressure to drive a mother crazy. Add illness, divorce, other traumatic events or life's natural happenings and parents may reach their limits much earlier.

One Omaha mother is determined to put her eight-year-old child's needs first as he is certain he is a girl trapped in a boy's body. Putting his happiness, self-awareness and desires as the priority and ignoring society's gender stereotypes, she and her husband are doing everything in their power to make the transgender child's life as normal as possible. Their story is touching.

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lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
oh these stories are so sad, such a hard path for this family. i have seen stories like this a couple of times before, on talk shows. there is no denying how these children feel, but society makes being "different" so difficult. there's a girl that goes to school with my daughters that told my 10 year old she "should" be a boy, and wants to be a boy. i was at yard duty one day and my daughter was talking to her and i asked who the boy was. i was very surprised to hear that the child was a girl. it doesn't seem to be an issue at school.
sham28 sham28 8 years
What's up with Dad?
kia kia 8 years
What a hard situation to do everything you can to support your child but also want to protect them from others.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
How wonderful that she is not sending him to camps to 'cure' him and instead doing what they can to make sure thier child is happy.
Chouette4u Chouette4u 8 years
Oh god, what a stressful thing to have to deal with as a parent! This mom seems like she's handling it well.
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