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Trapped in a Miserable Job By The Economy

Trapped in a Miserable Job By The Economy

Do you feel trapped in a job you can't stand? Do you think there's little you can do about it because of the down economy?

You're not alone.

"Sometimes I am so unhappy, I just feel like crying, but I got to do what I got to do to survive," writes Christine J. in the Working Mums community.

"I hate my job, but don't have the time to look for a new one. Also it is hard and scary to change jobs in this economy. I fear not being able to pay the bills while changing jobs," posts Tamra P.


"I would love to change jobs. I have always wanted to work in a bakery. But I am the one with the insurance. My husband is a farmer so he as well as our 21-month old and I need the insurance," shares Linda E.

Ladies, we are not alone in this. Finding yourself handcuffed to a job you don't like isn't a gender-neutral dilemma. The men in our lives are experiencing the same frustration. And according to an article on, they are just as discouraged.

"With a terrible economy and few companies hiring, making a career change is a major risk. People will laugh and tell you that you should be happy to even have a job at such a terrible time," writes author Chris Illuminati in How To: Survive A Job You Hate.

Illuminati suggests the following coping strategies: Build better relationships with co-workers, pick a pet project at work, learn about a new career, or simply take a mind escape at work.

A Circle of Moms member in the Working Mums community, Katy B., seconds this last piece of advice: "I think of my daughter. Such as her smile. Mostly I think back on that and laugh and try to do my best at the job I hate. She keeps me going."

And Grace C. shares that "What motivates me is the satisfaction I see on my kids' faces when Mum buys them something special, when I am able to provide for their needs."

But Bradi N. suggests searching out new job prospects while holding on to the one you have. "Much research can be done online," she counsels.

Despite wanting more fulfilling work, several moms say they manage to feel thankful: "My motivation is the fact that I have been blessed to still have a job in this economy," states Lizz M. "Another one if the fact that I can get up and go to work because I am well in my body, my mind is working well enough to do my job well, and I have been given the honor of having my children to support."

Being there for the kids is the leading reason prompting many mothers to find at-home work.

"Having your own business in this day and age is the key to success," writes Karen G. in the Working Mums community.

She was very unhappy working as a substitute teacher. "It's very political and all of the people who were called were people thath ad been at the schools for a long time," Karen G. says.

She began working at home in online sales of "green" cleaning products and hasn't missed her former job.

"I'm doing great even in the midst of these tough economic times," she reports.

Gretchen S., also a member of the Working Mums community, writes that she was in a job she hated for eight years. Three years ago she started a part-time life coaching business. Now she works at it full-time.

"I am not going to say that there have not been stressful times, but the good times outweight the scary," she reports. "Fear gets me absolutely nowhere besides stuck."

Image Source: rochele, et. al. via Flickr/Creative Commons

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AshleeSuitto AshleeSuitto 4 years
I just want to complain........So please just lisen to me. So I have been trying to find anyway to make more money. My husband is self employed and business has declined for him. Which dramatically affects are daily lives.In searching for monthes on end for more ways to make honest money where I actually make great monay ...........I found a really great company. It goes by the name,Primerica. Yes, if you research the name, you may come up with some non creditable resources. When I make sale I am paid promply with in 48 hours. I love the fact that I help people get in better finacial situations sand can do all the ground work from home. In a nut shell, the company aims to lower clients outgoing expenses and show them how to save money for their future. So they don't have live in constant fear of this economies pit falls. There is one hang up........It is really hard to get people to give you one minute to explain that you can actually make their lives better! I know I know..... I am one of those people, that do not like to be botherd, but if someone came to me two years ago when I living high the hog with plenty of money rolling in before this econmy ruined my husband I would hope that I would have listened to somene like me, trying to actually HELP! Oh well what are you going to do right? Learn from your mistakes and hope your husband finds more work. Sorry if I wasted your time. I just feel so frustrated and disappointed with my abiltiy to engage in conversations with people. Why can't I be a saleswoman for a good cause?
AdrianaEncisodeSaling20264 AdrianaEncisodeSaling20264 5 years
I was in the same boat. I found a PLAN B and worked it part time and now it's my full time business. read this before selecting any opportunity - http:// /2012/03/11/the-13-key-success-factors-when-choosing-your-plan-b/
MariaMarquez89745 MariaMarquez89745 6 years
@Adrianne, it depends on the risks and your need for the income, if the risks outweigh your need for the income than I wouldn't stay..but if your need for the income outweighs the risks than you could stay, at least until you find something else.
ShannonSeward4824 ShannonSeward4824 6 years
It's very stressful to be at a job you're not happy at. I am grateful for the job but it took us a long time to finally have our daughter so spending her younger years is and will be important to me. Thanks for the article. There's some h elpful tools for women and yes even men.
CoMMember13630208132381 CoMMember13630208132381 6 years
what if you are in a job that is not a healthy work environment, you just started and you know that it has serious health related issues. would you stay since you know that jobs are scarce?
MariaMarquez89745 MariaMarquez89745 6 years
It is a difficult situstion to be in. To be in a job where there is limited room for advancement is bad enough, but when the economy is grim it can make you very depressed. I isolated myself from relationships at work when I began to feel trapped. It really has not helped my current work so I decided on a different approach. I have been trying to come out of my shell. I have started slowly opening up to some people at work, which has been helping. I also had an attitude adjustment and decided that even though I may not be in my ideal job, it pays me well enough to get by and there are others who are in far worse circumstances. Taking this perspective has made me realize that everything is provisional. I would like to someday open my own business, but unfortunately under my current circumstances I will have to wait a little while. When the economy gets a little better, and I'm sure it will; I am positive that I will see more opportunities come up. Good Luck Ladies! ~Maria
crazedmom crazedmom 6 years
I too can agree that in the past few years I been trapped in positions I cannot stand anymore in a role that has burnt me out beyond belief. This current position, I go to the bathroom each morning and cry for a few minutes. It reminds me of my high school days feeling alone and being ostracized. As the people I work with from being one's scapegoat when she is a bad mood to her little oompa loompa as I have affectionately named her who ensures that when I walk past her that I am not worth to be within 5 feet of her and making noises each time I walk by.
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