The following post was written by Amy Wruble, who blogs at Carriage Before Marriage and is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms.

Snacks aren't just about feeding hungry kids — they also help pass the travel time. (Kids won't ask "Are we there yet?" if their mouths are full.)

These fun snacks work well in cars and planes because they don't require refrigeration, aren't crazy messy, and take a while to eat.


1. Treasure Box — Fill a multicompartment container with different bite-size snacks such as dried cranberries, walnuts, and Cheerios. Look for a box with a lid, like the kind that originally held jelly beans or sprinkles, so you can close it up and continue snacking later.

2. Dinosaur Bites — Make your favorite sandwich, then use a round, scalloped-edge cookie cutter to create a flower. Slice the flower in half and voila! — two Stegosauruses. Just don't be afraid if you hear dinosaur growls coming from the backseat.

3. Parmesan Crisps — Is your kid a cheeseaholic? Here's a cheesy treat that doesn't need refrigeration. Bake spoonfuls of grated parmesan at 350°F for about five minutes, and they flatten into crunchy crackers.

4. Peas in the Pod — Instead of shelling edamame and snap peas, present them in their pods with a baggie or plastic bowl for the empties. Extracting these treasures is fun and time-consuming, and that's what mama likes.

5. Minimuffins — A minimuffin pan is a mom's best friend. The same amount of batter you'd need for 12 full-size muffins makes about 36 minis, so you can freeze extras. Most muffin recipes can be easily translated into minimuffins, though cook time needs to be reduced (start checking after nine minutes in the oven).

6. Banana Subs — Slice a firm (not too ripe and squishy) banana lengthwise like a baguette. Spread your favorite nut butter on it, then close the halves to make a sandwich. Slice horizontally into bite-size pieces. Warning: this one is hard not to eat while you're making it — luckily, they're pretty healthy!

7. Arancini — Easier to make than to say (they're pronounced Ah-Ran-CHEE-Nee), these tasty rice balls can be baked, fried, or defrosted from Trader Joe's. A cheese-free recipe like this one will last longer on a road trip—just omit the dipping sauce.

8. Pretzel Sundaes — Instead of ice cream, top a pretzel rod with melted chocolate and your favorite sprinkles. Let cool on wax paper in the fridge and it hardens into a fun and portable dessert snack.

9. No-Bake S'mores — Spread one graham cracker with marshmallow fluff and spread the other square with Nutella, then press together. Use toppings sparingly to avoid a sticky mess, and always pack wipes! Happy Spring break.