In order to attend a wedding in Florida last weekend, I left my daughter with my family back in Texas. An excellent plan when it was hatched, our strategy was to fly through the Houston airport, where we had an hour layover, and grab our daughter for the second leg of the trip back to San Francisco.

I was prepared with a DVD player, snacks, water and books for the long flight, but I did not anticipate delays. At the Jacksonville airport, we were delayed 30 minutes, which took a significant chunk out of my layover lapse. With determination on the brain, I was set to run my own Amazing Race.

To see what happened,


As soon as the plane landed, I phoned my parents. The gate agents warned them that I would not make the connecting flight in any case. I left my husband with all of the carry–on bags and sent him to the gate. Quick as a pregnant woman can run, I sprinted through three terminals to reach my lil love waiting for me at security. I quickly hugged my parents good–bye and rushed back through security, planted my child back into her GogoKidz carseat hook–up, and again dashed through the last terminal to my gate. With a little luck and a few sweaty tears, I made it with a minute or two to spare.

A dicey travel plan, we succeeded with flying colors. Once in our seats, we enjoyed the reunion of our little family and safely made it back home on time.