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Trendtotting: Political Apparel

With the Iowa caucus only two weeks away, it seems everyone is getting in a political frame of mind - including lil ones on both ends of the spectrum. Parents can declare their support by outfitting their babies in onesies, burp cloths and bibs that feature presidential hopefuls.

A recent article in the Boston Globe about this phenomenon called the clothing “just another example of the baby-as-accessory culture that's burgeoned in recent years.” But others believe it is part of their First Amendment rights to showcase their freedom of speech.

Whether you believe outfitting your child in such clothing helps support your candidate through the donation you make to buy the apparel, or you just want to showcase your views, the existence of such products is certainly up for debate. On the other hand, you can simply showcase your little one’s lack of presidential preference in a onesie like the one pictured here from Wry Baby ($24).

natkubichar natkubichar 9 years
gotta get one for my niece !
naked_american naked_american 9 years
Just another way to use little darling as an accessory!
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
I totally love the "Totally Non-Partisan" one!! I really think political messages on kids is bad form. I also don't like smart azz messages or crass messages. My husband came across one that said "Daddy's Little Squirt" and I can't believe anyone would put that on a child!! :irk: Frankly, I don't like clothes that talk to you. But of the three I mentioned, I think I find political messages the least offensive. Presumably parents who are that politically involved are passing on their values and beliefs to their kids anyway.
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