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Trick or Treat Shocker: Have a Fetus Doll (VIDEO)

Trick or Treat Shocker: Have a Fetus Doll (VIDEO)

Parents in Loganville, GA, were appalled to discover tiny, lifelike dolls resembling 12-week-old fetuses in their children's holiday stashes. The dolls were distributed to children who attended the community's annual Halloween event by Joshua Edmonds, a minister and pro-life activist.

Although Edmonds insists he only gave the dolls to kids whose parents had granted him permission, Loganville resident John Ramsey begs to differ. He told WBTV that even in this largely pro-life community, many parents found Edmonds' "treats" to be an inappropriate and unwelcome surprise: "Almost everyone I've talked to is pro-life, but they just don't think this is the proper venue to stage something like that."

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What would you do if someone gave your child a fetus doll?

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Beth91054 Beth91054 5 years
Years ago at a festival there was a pro-life display and there was a basket of 12wk old fetus dolls. My daughter was around 15mo. at the time. I let her take one. We talked about how that is the actual size of the baby when it's inside the money at that age. She nick-named him and we still have him almost 7 years later. It was great to have to compare when I was pregnant with her brother. For us it was a teaching tool to show the actual size of a baby and how early it develops inside the mother. I do however, disagree if children are given this without their parents or even offered. I don't know this man/ minister or what his intentions were, but I would like to think that they were misunderstood. If you actually look at the 12wk fetus it looks just like a tiny plastic baby doll. Which I can't imagine that many parents find disturbing.
peggymiller19473 peggymiller19473 5 years
LeannMurphy57880 LeannMurphy57880 5 years
This guy has some serious issues!!
MaryLambert93193 MaryLambert93193 5 years
Apparently this guy has more respect for children BEFORE they are born!
JodiJensen73819 JodiJensen73819 5 years
I dont see anything wrong with them and yes i am pro life obviously but i would love to be able to show my children what they looked like while they were in my womb other than just by sonograms and the computer.
TessaCook TessaCook 5 years
sick sick sick that is disgusting who would want that
ChristinaBecker2079 ChristinaBecker2079 5 years
That is very disturbing, these kids could've had nightmares!
JenniferHardwick23250 JenniferHardwick23250 5 years
I would be angry too if someone gave that to my child. There are better ways to get your message out to children.
kathymccarthy51681 kathymccarthy51681 5 years
Not proper!!!!
susanheins susanheins 5 years
I am EXTREMLEY pro life! But this is not right.
CoMMember13631156764789 CoMMember13631156764789 5 years
That's just so wrong. There are better ways of getting the message across then stooping to this level
AmandaSeery AmandaSeery 5 years
u cant eat them they r dolls. but u shouldnt hand them out to kids
who the fuck is gonna eat this....what an idiot
shatakerei shatakerei 5 years
Wat next!!!!!!!!
JenniferSkains JenniferSkains 5 years
I am very pro life but I find this disturbing.
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