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Tupperware in Low Cabinet: The Best Trick My Mama Taught Me

There are plenty of manuals about motherhood, but nothing takes the place of the advice a woman receives from her own mother. Regardless of whether a new mom decides to raise her children as she was raised, parents have the wisdom of experience.

We often ask celeb mamas the best trick their mothers taught them in interviews. But, today I'm turning the table. I'll kick things off:

My tot follows me from room to room in our apartment, but once I stay in one place for more than a minute, he looks to get into trouble. The kitchen is full of heavy pots, pans, and baking dishes so he doesn't have much to play with, and toys don't seem to cut it. My mom suggested shifting around the contents of a few shelves to give him access to non-breakable storage containers. Now, when I'm whipping up dinner, he opens "his" cabinet and entertains himself with Tupperware, wooden spoons, and leftover takeout containers.

What's the best trick your mama taught you? Share it below, or in our Four Lil Questions group in the LilSugar Community!

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starbucks2 starbucks2 6 years
I heard about that drawer thing a couple of times already. I might have to try that one! The best advice my mom gave me to chill out and listen to my gut feeling!
Carri Carri 6 years
Giving them their own drawer in the kitchen has worked so well for me! I've found that the best way to deal with my son is to redirect his attention when he is about to (or already is) getting into something he isn't supposed to. Telling him that, no, he can't play with the heavy pots and pans but he CAN play over in this drawer has avoided a lot of melt downs. The absolute best advice I received was from a nurse in the hospital. She told me, "Now is the time that you either train the baby or the baby trains you." I took that advice to heart and worked really hard to get Blake on a schedule when the time was right. It was rough at first, but now I can count on when he will be hungry, when he will take a nap and when he will go to bed. I think kids really thrive on structure.
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