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Slowly and surely this household is moving to a greener direction. The latest aim I have is to reduce the plastic in the kitchen, namely in containers and plates. Therefore this week we are testing something cool again — the lucky tester is Mr. Hugo, the older half of my twins. He started out as the taller of the two, but the more willing eater Miss Celeste has long ago past him to the point that people now think she is a year old than her brother (difference of well over 2 inches — 6 cm at the age of 2+). Hence the question how to get him eat better?

Little Hugo is a huge fan (with capital H) of cars and trains — so much that in the nursery the cars go everywhere — and even at home one can hear his cars revving up under the comforter at bedtime and they get washed at bath time. So Hugo got this cool new plate, the stainless steel Din Din Smart bus platter from Innobaby. It's cute, fun and also it being stainless steel it is nontoxic and durable.

Din Din car plate


Cute, non-toxic and durable stainless steel bus platter from Innobaby

Find out if it worked after the break.

The first meal was a huge success, and I hope the future ones will be like that too. The favourite car found a parking spot on the platter too, which meant that he didn't leave the table in the middle of the meal to park it elsewhere. Happy boy and even happier mommy! The lingering question though now is what kind of eco-plate to get for the twin-sister. She was asking about bunny and car-shaped plates. Good ideas — anyone? Innobaby, are you going to make a bit more "girly" plates too (I'm not talking about princesses and fairies here but what about some animals, or house-shaped plates)?

Car 1 ready to ride

This bus is ready to go — first we target to empty the wheel and then tackle the "fruit and veg windows"

Mmm, this is great car fun

Yay — it's working well! Meal one started (and finished) successfully and today's favourite car has found its pole position on the platter too (the British Airways airport runner).

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