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ChetMC ChetMC 4 years
We travel a lot as a large family. I've found many ways to make it cheaper and more manageable. I know lots of families with one or two kids who spend way more on outings and travel because they don't plan and research like we do. We do a lot of self catering and short term apartment rentals. There is also a website called sixsuitcasetravel that lists special hotel rooms that can sleep six or more.
ChetMC ChetMC 4 years
Our house is not loud. It gets loud sometimes, but generally, our children enjoy a lot of quiet activities like reading, drawing, puzzles, building things, etc. Our house is messy though. It's impossible to keep things tidy with so many people playing with things or working on projects.
ChetMC ChetMC 4 years
People think that being a mom gets more demanding and more expensive at a linear rate as family size increases, and that's not the case at all. It's not like having your first child times four or five or six.
ChetMC ChetMC 4 years
I agree about finding time for yourself and to be with individual children. It isn't that difficult. My experience is that because there are so many people in our household there is less pressure on me. I hear lots of moms of only children frazzled by the fact that their three year old wants their undivided attention all the time. My three year old would rather play with his siblings a lot of the time. Also, when I'm with one child individually the others still have each other if they need some company or some help.
ChetMC ChetMC 4 years
There's a lot of truth in this list. Our family is not huge, just four kids, although they are quite close in age (all born within five and a half years). We haven't had a lot of people judging us or assuming things that aren't true. A lot of the feedback we get is from people wishing they had come from a large family, wishing their adult children wanted a large family, wishing the could have had a large family, etc. If we had started having children when we were younger I think we would have had five or six.
GrandmaDonnaWeaverKeller GrandmaDonnaWeaverKeller 4 years
Michelle, you are free to do and have as many children as you please as long as you are capable f caring and affording for. My sister has 7 children and each and every one of them is loved the same. They are never hungry,scared,dirty, or without schooling etc. there will be people there will always be the ones to judge because they don't know you. Just ignore them they have o life for themselves. Keep doing a good job.
gemmabellamy gemmabellamy 4 years
Michelle h wgy would ppl listeb to u .....we r free to do whatever the hell we want iv got 6 kids me and my partner work him full time me part time we provide for all our children and they all get to do what they enjoy ie football dancing amongst other stuff we spend time with each child and each other and as a family we go on holidays together camping bike rides baking swimming u can say all u want about how u find it wrong ect cos I wont listen u surely haven't got enuf love in ur heart for more then 2 but some ppl do ...n I certainly have more then enuf love in my heart for each n everyone of my children n I may have more choosing !!!!!!!!!!!! And I wouldnt change any of it !!!!!!!!
MichelleTait95207 MichelleTait95207 4 years
There is no opinion that will alter the fact that almost all of us woman have evolved to produce an egg for reproduction every month deep into our normal mortal lives so until even the greatest minds can decide on the big bang theory and beyond other than God there can be no debate on selfishness or birth control unless it is influenced by human greed and materialisim - go girls - keep the bundles of joy coming!
TammyHurt TammyHurt 4 years
I totally agree with RebeccaFoster31520! Ladies, do not allow a TROLL to upset you nor do you need to explain your situation or debate with someone that hide behind a computer monitor. I don't watch the series but I have 3 children and know for a fact it's difficult to raise even one child. Especially if there are disabilities! Whether you have one or 20, raise your children to the best of your ability while spreading the same amount of love for each and everyone of them including the step children, those adopted and those you invite into your home!
Stephanie24019 Stephanie24019 4 years
Growing up all I wanted was 2 boys. All I had was nephews, so had NO clue what I would do with a girl. Life had other plans for me as I now have 1 boy, 3 girls and a step-son. One might say we are "irresponsible", like Michelle here, I would rather say we are taking responsibility for our actions by having these children. I got pregnant with all of my girls while ON BIRTHCONTROL. Even used a morning after pill once. Would I change anything? Never. I love all my children equally, and know that everything happens for a reason. We live in a 1000 sq ft house with 3 bedrooms, lol. It is cramped but we make the most of it. We both work and have a hefty daycare bill. Eventually we will be able to get a bigger house, but as for right now, the kids all love the closeness. I'd rather travel with them than pay for a 400k house. Besides imagine the love and care we will all receive when we are older from our many children while Michelle is stuck in a nursing home. By the way I only have 2 sisters and my parents have 16 grandkids!
dawn90567 dawn90567 4 years
I wanted a dozen kids but, the Lord gave me 6. Were there some tough times, of course. Do I regret any of those? Not one bit. Did/does my house look "lived in"? You bet! Housework will always be there, there are more important things in life than a spotless house. My kids learned to save money, how to be kind to others, to not be prejudiced, to love their siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. AND they all grew into adulthood knowing they were loved every step of the way and still are. I was never irresponsible, a doormat or selfish. None of my kids was "pushed aside" for the novelty of a new baby. I'm honestly sorry MichelleHansen you will never know the joy of a large family. Maybe, like the Grinch, your heart is too small. I sincerely hope you have family and friends to help it grow.
RebeccaFoster31520 RebeccaFoster31520 4 years
Wow people! It is clear from your comments that most of us agree the ignorance, bigotry and intolerance shown by MichelleHansen57503's comment is offensive but I find it amazing that some of you cannot see that your rebuttals are doing the exact same thing!
CoMMember13631100057766 CoMMember13631100057766 4 years
Wow, Michelle Hansen...I too am concerned over your judgemental attitude! It is far to difficult to really imagine for it seems why people do things they do I do truly understand having strong feelings on things and expressing them but please keep in mind that just because you are typing does'nt mean you are not responsible for you views and they will have. Kindness first and truth is key if delivered tactfully and with the view to help someone learn grow with support
MJHeltonBoggs MJHeltonBoggs 4 years
Michelle ~ It is not only what you said but how you said it.
CherieEdwards24980 CherieEdwards24980 4 years
MichelleHansen57503 I wouldn't waste my breath giving you advice because its obvious that your too clueless to take it smh
HeatherHankins10505 HeatherHankins10505 4 years
Gotta LOVE a judgmental person!! Shame on you!
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