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How I Became Supermom

My day was amazing. Up before dawn, took a 20-minute run, did some ab work, then moved into the kitchen. Had a moment of quiet and wrote out my list. Short today, really — after all, yesterday I accomplished so much. Then I started prepping that homemade oatmeal recipe I found on Pinterest, with organic berries and cream. Got coffee brewing, took a shower, did my hair perfectly, put my makeup on, and dressed like I was the makeover version of the person on What Not to Wear. Just then, right on the dot, the little ones let out a lovely "Morning, Momma" cry of joy, and I skipped to their room, ready and polished for my day.

I'm supermom. In my dreams.

In reality? A good day, with those toddlers around, would be getting one, maybe even two or three, of all those things on the list accomplished, and that's working hard all day long. I've come to realize that this supermom thing is just a fallacy that so many of us chase day after day after day.

Let's stop trying to be supermom!

Parenting takes work. Parenting little ones takes a tremendous amount of work. There are no breaks in the mothering day when you have an always-busy 2-year-old wandering around. There are no awards for "Best Mothering Save" in the afternoon when you grab that marker from the 3-year-old's hand just as he's about to add a mustache to the baby. You work and work and work. But you live in a world where motherhood has this amazingly glamorous image.


We're supposed to have parties with children in white dresses and red fruit punch and twinkling lights and an amazing cake that looks like it was made by Duff from Ace of Cakes. What happened to the days of cupcakes from a box and Pin the Tail on the Donkey and water fights with the hose? They're still there. We just have to let go of the supermom ideal.

What you do as a mother day in and day out is amazing. Wiping noses, changing diapers, cooking dinners for people who don't like what you make, reading books — often the same one, again and again, cleaning floors, folding laundry, driving to and fro, chasing after toddlers at the park, blowing bubbles on the deck, and going without sleep. All of that stuff is amazing. It matters. That's a real supermom.

So these days, these ultrabusy days with those toddlers hanging around, you just remember that those Pinterest images, magazine articles, blog posts and such, they're just a snippet of someone's day. Who knows? It might have taken hours of prep and a great deal of mess to get that one picture perfectly pinned.

Do you want to know what really matters? Truly? It's being there for your kids.

Being the one who they come running to after they wipe out on their bike. Being the one that they want to sit and snuggle with in the morning. Being the mom who doesn't cry over spilled milk. Or over cereal on her freshly cleaned floors. Being the mom who just keeps trying. Day after day after day.

They want you.

Not supermom.

She's a fallacy anyways.

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SallyWhite1412080145 SallyWhite1412080145 2 years

Well said! Being a real mom is messy, loud, dealing with tempter tantrums at Toys-R-Us and pretending that watching Winnie The Pooh movie for the 100th time is exactly how you wanted to spend the night.. oh yeah, and never being able to wear white...but it is also way too brief, so enjoy those snuggles, sticky fingers in your hair and gooey kisses. Supermom status is over-rated.

LaurenJohnson38553 LaurenJohnson38553 3 years
Thanks so much for this article. I needed it. When I read the first paragraph, I was wondering, who the blue hell is this woman and how in the hell she pulls that off? But as a I read the second part, I let out a sigh of relief because I'm one of those moms trying to be supermom and I try to do so much that I stress out. I am a stay at home mom with my own business, plus homeschooled kids, plus six kids at home (2 of which are young boys - 4 and 1) My husband tells me my character flaw is trying to be perfect. I honestly get frustrated with myself because I am not trying to be perfect, I'm just trying maintain my home! But I guess as mothers we maintain our homes so much so that we don't take the time to maintain ourselves. I think society conditions us to what they feel a "good mom" is with commercials and movie depictions, etc. So I knowing there are other moms out there that struggle just as much as I do when their one year old decides its better to eat their food from the floor than in their plate or becomes the judge, jury and plantiff every hour on the hour over the smallest thing like crayons or how many eggs one had for breakfast this morning.. I thank you and I acknowledge you as being a great mom. (This includes my own mom--thanks for being the best mom you knew how to be).
RaechelReid RaechelReid 4 years
I was really hoping that this article was going to tell me how to be the mom she started off describing. Haha. Only in the movies right!
CatherineJepson CatherineJepson 4 years
Where and WHY do we have this image of a supermom being able to do EVERYTHING alllllll the time and with such perfection? AND, who are these mom's that always say that they lllloooooove being a mom and it's soooo wonderful? There are definitely moments of wonderful, but the majority of it is quite thankless work, enormous frustration, many moments of, "oooooohhhhhh, I probably shouldn't have handled that the way I did", and many many many moments of self doubt regarding whether or not you are doing a good job! Doing a good job compared to what???? Compared to who???? If we could all let go of this idea that a "good" mother does it all and does it well, maybe we could support each other more, and bring back that "community" of raising our children together again? I think we all hide in the walls of our homes 'embarrassed' by what we think are imperfections of our family unit. If we could all support each other in our "IMPERFECTIONS" and realize that allll together, as a community we can be stronger/united in successfully raising well adjusted individuals, we could turn this whole situation around! I am proud to be an imperfect mom, who just does my best to get through each day with minimal yelling, lots of support for the good that my kids strive to be, and enjoy the few random moments of joy I may get in a day! I have more respect for those moms who admit they aren't perfect too! =)
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