I came across a New York Times article that was so outrageous I had to read it three times before I believed the print. In Turkmenistan, women are reportedly being offered a $25 one–time bonus to have eight or more children.

To see what the other "perks" are,


You ready that correctly – I said $25. I'm not sure any amount would be enough to convince me to have EIGHT children but if someone were to "reward" me, there would have to be a lot more 0's on the end of that number. Maybe the added benefits of free utilities, public transportation and life–long dental care will be enough to push you over the edge, but I still couldn't be convinced.

And to show what a generous president he is, Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov announced that in honor of Turkmenistan's Women's Day, which is this Saturday, every female citizen will receive $10 as a present.

Tell us, would you sign up for this deal?