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Tween Wears Thrift Store Clothes as Punishment

A Utah mom gave her daughter a taste of her own medicine, forcing her to wear unflattering thrift shop clothes as a punishment for bullying another student about her appearance, the Huffington Post reports.

According to Salt Lake City's KSTU, the 10-year-old girl named Kaylee had been teasing another fourth grader about the way she dressed so much that the other girl no longer wanted to attend school. When questioned about the bullying, Kaylee showed little remorse. So, mom Ally decided to show Kaylee how it feels to be teased about her clothes.

"If she chooses to be a bully after this, then at some point in her life, she's going to be on the other side and she'll know what it really feels like," Ally said.


What do you think? Is making your teen wear ugly clothes a good way to stop her from bullying someone else about their appearance?

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TinaSeewald TinaSeewald 3 years
I think this mother should be commended for holding her child accountable for her actions and most of all for allowing her child the chance to grow up to be a better person. What a great way to help our children understand how bullying can affect and change childrens' lives. I hope more mom's will begin to take bullying seriously and help their children grow up to be the best adults they can be.
CoMMember13631166098074 CoMMember13631166098074 3 years
good jog mom... i have never had my son do that or have heard that either my son has came to me and told me that he saw a kid that had clothes didnt fit right and coat didnt look warm and had asked if we could help i thinl more parent just need to take the time to teach the kids my son was just in 4th and is always looking out for others and u know kids dont need 60 pants lol
WilmaSue WilmaSue 4 years
I think the mom did a great thing for her daughter and herself and I am SOOOO sick of watching these things on TV and some "mental health" professional gets on and of course they have to contradict what the parent did. STOP you all are not the messiahs of how to raise kids and what is right and wrong. You do not know how it will affect the child - each person is different and reacts to situations differently and who knows this child better than her mother?? I think MORE parents need to step up and PARENT we do not need mental health weirdos most of whom dont even have children to tell us what to do. As long as children are not being abused - which I have seen mental health "professionals" ignore as long as they get paid. Good job mom :)
michellefoit michellefoit 4 years
Great job mom. I will have to remember this one.
Stacy14567988 Stacy14567988 4 years
The world needs more parents like this one! Amazing job!
JacquiAlexander65643 JacquiAlexander65643 4 years
I agree with this 100%. Good for you mom. I would do same if it were my daughter
SJ14549040 SJ14549040 4 years
@ aunty9885 - I don't think she is reinforcing an "us/them" mentality... but unfortunately there will always be an us/them mentality - especially in teens. What she is doing is giving her daughter a new perspective. Something kids have an especially difficult time doing is empathizing, and this course of action will place her in the position to empathize. This isn't about nice clothes vs non-nice clothes; it is about judging someone based on what you see. Something it doesn't specify is that this girl wearing the thrift shop clothes may be wearing nice outfits, but because they are not "brand name," she is being picked on by this woman's daughter. Lord know's I experienced that. It would be really nice if this kind of stuff could be fixed with words, but most of the time words do not work, especially with teens. It takes experience to change this behavior. Given my line of work... I wish more parents would place their kids in learning situations rather than just "telling" them what they should/shouldn't do, in the applicable situations.
SJ14549040 SJ14549040 4 years
I think this was an excellent way to help her daughter see life from a different point of view. The only way people ever really learn and/or change is to be placed in a position to learn. I applaud this Mom.
aunty9885 aunty9885 4 years
So - Is Mom reinforcing an "us" and "them" mentality? Saying, "Yes, these clothes are embarassing - you wear them so you will feel bad, too?" Making everyone feel bad - and the bullied girl feel worse? How does the mom of the bullied girl feel about the clothes she provides for her child? What about going past the clothes and seeing the heart? What about supervised playdate? Could the mom say,"O, my child, I am so sorry you have not learned how to be kind. I will help you practice being kind. I will not leave you alone until you have practiced. I will go to school with you, I will hold your hand, I will rehearse with you what you should say and how you should say it." Practice is always harder than the game. This sounds like practice for bullying.
WendyCartwright62511 WendyCartwright62511 4 years
Excellent. Well done that Mom!
TorieShirley TorieShirley 4 years
As a mother of a girl who has been bullied I applaud the mom who punished her daughter cause unfortunately too many parents are too afraid to discipline children anymore. Also you have parents who just don't care what their children do or how they act. As far as going through the school cause of the no bulling policy it may work for a few days or weeks but it ends up happening again not long after. The policy on no bullying is ok but still needs work and much needed improvement.
PeggyHarperLee PeggyHarperLee 4 years
Her daughter showed little remorse. That should wake up any parent! This child, through her bullying, degraded and ridiculed another child and seemed to have little appreciation for the consequences of her actions or empathy for the victim of her bullying. When we miss these parenting moments in an effort to spare our kids or because we don't feel confident in our parenting skills, we fail to give our kids what they really need--leadership and loving guidance. This Mom stepped up, and I give her credit for that. Hopefully, her daughter learned a valuable lesson about empathy and what's really important. Otherwise, she should lose her entire wardrobe and be given the opportunity to earn the right to wear nice clothes.
VirginiaMitcham VirginiaMitcham 4 years
I think that is a good punishment & pray it works.Some people dont have the $$ others do and alot of kids dont realize how lucky they are. If I ever caught my kids making fun of others from what they wear or a special ed child I would punish mine. Seriourly Mom's agree with her! YEEEEAAAHHH!
April14377653 April14377653 4 years
How clever of this mum! Filed under: "Unusual and probably hated punishment" LIKE!
LouiseDickson LouiseDickson 4 years
Well done mom!!! Your daughter may no thank you now but in the future she will be grateful for the very valuable lesson you taught her! Bullying is very ugly and leaves the victim with scars that last a lifetime!
markeshahall markeshahall 4 years
The lack of empathy in todays youth is unsettling. And what this mom did was give her daughter a lesson in empathy.
KarenJarman KarenJarman 4 years
I was teased as a child by a girl who was relentless during Grade 6.. She threatened me with her "Big Brothers" on a daily basis. I put it behind me but occasionally I still think about her and what has happened to her life.. In Australia we have Mandatory Uniform Policy in schools.. This is one way to make sure that kids are treated the same.. one less reason to tease.. Uniform is just that UNIFORM....... the same .. Kids can still be individuals by the way they do their hair and carry themselves etc etc.. But at School.. they are ALL the same!! Maybe the USA needs to think about this!!
KimiBeltram KimiBeltram 4 years
One day of wearing silly clothes isn't enough for a girl who has already established popularity. More should have been done.
BonnieAnderson11938 BonnieAnderson11938 4 years
JenniferCampbell22240 JenniferCampbell22240 4 years
Good job Mom!!! No better way to discipline a child about bullying than to let them know how horrible it feels to be bullied yourself. Kids have always been known to be cruel, but maybe discipline like this could help change that!
shannon93396 shannon93396 4 years
Way to go mom, its the liberals that want to stand my and be wooses and have no backbone AND NOT PARENT, tis is why this is happening. Congrats to parents that actually parent.
TracyHaire TracyHaire 4 years
Way to go mom!
DebBartlettKarbowiak DebBartlettKarbowiak 4 years
Myself, my children, and my grandchildren all have worn and continue to wear "thrift store" clothes and hand-me-downs. While I agree that punishment should be doled out, one time having to wear those clothes is not going to teach her anything but not to get caught. Maybe she should have to share her clothes with others since they are so important to her, or maybe even learn to make her own. As for those who feel this is bullying the child who bullied, you should be thankful you did not live in my house. If my children argued too much the had to hug each other, then they had to hug on the front porch, then on the sidewalk in front of the house (we lived on a busy street that most people (including their friends) drove down). That usually took care of it. Nothing wrong with walking a mile.
Cledimar14536669 Cledimar14536669 4 years
Hahahahahahahahaha! This is the absolute best she could have done! I myself suffered a somewhat similar punishment (which at the age of 15 I considered to be cruel and unusual), but that really taught me to be considered and responsible, things which I now honestly thank her for. When I was 15 I started getting home late every day after school, and she tolerated it for about a week, after which she told me: "If you are not home 10 minutes after your classes end (my home was within walking distance from school, less than 5 minutes walking), I'll come pick you up wearing my worst, more tattered clothes, my fluorescent green face cream, and hair that looks like an eagle's nest and will come right over to where you stand and introduce myself to each and every one of your friends". As you might imagine, she never actually did it, because I was home right after school came out every day. She never screamed at me, she never lost her cool, and she achieved her goal, which was to have me home safe and early every day without being an ogre. What's not to like about punishment like that?
CindyBrown60263 CindyBrown60263 4 years
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