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Twin Babies Pretend to Be Sleeping When Mom Calls to Them

These Twin Babies Show How Seamlessly an Innocent Baby Can Lie to Her Mama

Baby Monitor talk

I rarely talk with the girls through the baby monitor. But when I do, this usually happens.

Posted by Itsjudytime on Friday, August 21, 2015

Young babies are so simple and full of innocence — or are they?

Mom of three and YouTube vlogger ItsJudyTime just proved that even the smallest of littles can be sneaky and cunning. She put down her twin girls, Keira and Miya, for a nap, and was watching the baby monitor when she saw them standing up and giggling away with each other in their pushed-together cribs.

Watch what the girls do as soon as their mama calls to them over the monitor — it's priceless!

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