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Twins Fighting in Womb, Captured on Video!

Twins Fighting in Womb, Captured on Video!

Sibling rivalry can apparently begin even before birth! A new video taken through cinematic MRI is showing two babies fighting for space inside their mother's womb. The technique reveals much more deatil than untrasound, and is used to diagnose how fetuses are affected by twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS).

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Image Source: Huffington Post

CoMMember13629986998692 CoMMember13629986998692 4 years
sorry not Becky knapp lee anne davis lol
CoMMember13629986998692 CoMMember13629986998692 4 years
becky knapp same with ours the first time they were layed side by side after birth even though they were a week old by then the first thing she did was punch him in the head lol
CoMMember13629986998692 CoMMember13629986998692 4 years
I had a dvd of twins fighting 7 years ago when at 26 weeks we went 4d scan my son was constantly being punched by his twin sister and a 10 minute dvd became 45 minutes as he spent most of it hiding between the 2 placents so his back was taking most of the blows we also got a lovely shot of his sister trying to punch him in the face and he moved so she missed and he gave a massive smile so this really isnt anything new its just the first time anyone has shouted about it x
BonnieAnderson11938 BonnieAnderson11938 4 years
Just looking a little tight on space. I didn't see fighting. Felt a bit sorry for the smaller one, all cramped up, but they look good.
TrishaCoyle TrishaCoyle 4 years
lovely to look at, but doesnt look like fighting to me ....@Jennifer the ultrasound used to irritate my twins, ..because it is pushing on the tummy ...they were always very active during and after it
TeresaFisher77238 TeresaFisher77238 4 years
I clicked on the link and watched the video - vcool to see them as more than fetuses, but rather as babies: move over, you're touching me! MOM - he's kicking me!
I could feel my twins going at it all the time...Especially when baby a turned n baby b didn't have room too..
LeeAnneDavis LeeAnneDavis 4 years
Oh, we have one of my twins kicking the other in the head while in the womb captured on ultrasound! And he is the twin that is way more aggressive even to this day. I always joke and say it started in the womb!
BeckyKnapp BeckyKnapp 4 years
That is waaaay to tight of a space for me. I couldn't lay in there, they'd have to give me some sleeping drugs or something.
JenniferMcGladrey85771 JenniferMcGladrey85771 4 years
@Lisa - it's an MRI, not an ultrasound - and no, babies don't get irritated by ultrasounds!
LisaWallover LisaWallover 4 years
Not fighting...they become active and irritated by the ultrasound
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