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Twins' Tragic Death Revives the Co-Sleeping Debate

Twins' Tragic Death Revives the Co-Sleeping Debate

Twins' Tragic Death Revives the Co-Sleeping Debate

Twin boys who died in their sleep were accidentally suffocated, an Idaho coroner has ruled. The three-week old infants were found unconscious after sharing a bed with their mother last November. They were rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

The deaths of the baby boys had been investigated as possibly suspicious but the coroner determined they were accidental. The case has revived the debate on co-sleeping, a practice that many parents and experts consider unsafe and that others vigorously defend.

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Image Source: Huffington Post

HeatherO32976 HeatherO32976 5 years
That is so sad !! I did want to however, add to the debate about co-sleeping. My son was in a bassinet till about age 6 months and on and off after that in the crib and then us. I think once the child is older and able to roll over co-sleeping isn't as dangerous.
CatherineTryfona CatherineTryfona 5 years
The argument that "I co-slept with my baby and s/he was fine" is not a reason to do it. Accidents happen and this isn't that uncommon. I've buried a newborn and it's just not worth it. If you have co-slept without trouble then that's great but you took a risk and it's paid off. Not everyone will be that lucky!
ginaedwards83316 ginaedwards83316 5 years
I co-slept with both my children from time to time, when they were sick, or cold. They are now 4.5 years and almost two years. My two-year-old still needs me to sleep in her bed sometimes, I think she just wants the extra snuggles! My children have never been in more danger of death in my bed than in their own, alone. Last year my friend last his daughter to SIDS. She was in his arms, just a few hours old, IN the hospital. Even with IMMEDIATE medical intervention, she didn't survive. Was it his fault she died because he was holding her? It doesn't matter whether you're lying next to, or holding your child, SIDS happens!
ColletteMcRobert ColletteMcRobert 5 years
I still find this extremely suspicious. All 3 of my children slept in the middle of our bed with my husband and myself from when they came out of hospital until they were at least 6 months old. You just know that your litte one is in the bed with you. It was such a wonderful bonding experience for both myself and my husband and no we never lost sleep or slept on tenterhooks.It was so much easier to breast feed and care for the little ones especially in winter. I had a table next to the bed with a night lamp with everything I needed. The cot was also next to my side of the bed where when 6 months plus I moved them into the cot. Very interesting point from Raquel that co-sleeping is for breastfed babies only. All 3 of my children were breastfed.
BrandyKnight BrandyKnight 5 years
I didn't co-sleep with my twins only because I let my first child sleep with us and about never got her out of my bed. My thinking at the time was, she was up all night, I was tired and this was just easier, but to be honest, she got so used to it she was up more during the night and difficult to go back to sleep unless she was in bed next to me. I had my twins 5 years later, while my husband was deployed in Iraq, and there was no way I was going to let them get used to sleeping with me. From the beginning they slept in their own beds, I set a routine, feeding, bath, bed, every night, and they slept so much more than my single daughter did. I averaged 6 hours of sleep a night, albeit, not all together, but I was fine with that. They knew that when they laid down in their cribs, that it was for sleeping and always fell right asleep. I'm definately not judging anyone, all kids are different and we as loving parents will always do what we feel is right and what we feel comfortable doing. I agree co-sleeping is dangerous, but, I respect the opinions of others who have done so.
RaquelLazarPaley2897 RaquelLazarPaley2897 5 years
Co-sleeping is for breastfed babies. There was a study recently done that found that NO breastfed babies die from co-sleeping. None. Let's stop blaming the co-sleepers and educate the bottlefeeding parents about the risks.
MiriamLee33971 MiriamLee33971 5 years
What terrifies me more is the thought of a child sleeping down the hall from their parents. We co-slept. We were safe and thoughtful. No big fluffy comforters, no big fluffy pillows. Neither of us ever thought of going to bed impaired in any way. My parents didn't co-sleep, but they insisted that all of us slept in a crib beside their bed until we were two. If we were sick or just needed comfort, they were right there. This idea that children need to sleep in a room all by themselves baffles me.
CatherineEdwards25638 CatherineEdwards25638 5 years
Just to add! A friend of mines brother fell asleep on a recliner sofa with a two week old on his chest he awoke to find the baby wasn't there, he pushed the recliner in to get up thinking his wife had taken him! He heard the baby crying and looked around the baby had slid into the recliner and he squashed him with the recliner, the child was ok after several months in hospital he had two broken legs one broken arm and will be scarred for life! HE COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED! You decide if it worth it, you take they risks, but they either live or die by your hand!
HollyGomez HollyGomez 5 years
Cosleeping can safely be done. Any mother on drugs, alcohol, excessively tired or who falls out of bed often (can't distinguish boundaries in sleep), or who is a heavy sleeper should not cosleep. Nor should a mother who is bottle feeding. When a bottle fed baby awakes, they search for the bottle. A breastfeeding baby snuggles close to mommy to nurse. They don't go somewhere in the middle of the bed.. they go to mom. If you are smart enough to not fall out of bed, you will know where your child is. My sons, even as days old infants did the "breast crawl" in the night. When I would (purposefully) roll away from them in the night they would scoot and crawl to me to nurse/cuddle. A bottle fed baby is not going to have this instinct and may go somewhere in the bed searching for the bottle. This can cause issues with mom knowing where her child is. The child is not where she "left" him and has not cuddled into her and may be rolled on. With twins, breastfeeding rates (exclusive) are lower, so chances are, this was part of her problem. There are "guidelines". Know them, follow them. Just like there are guidelines for using strollers, cribs, bouncy seats, walkers, breastfeeding, slings, wraps, or any other thing that your child uses! Just because a child fell out of a stroller (due to misuse by parent) doesn't mean that strollers are unsafe. Just because a child died falling off of a cart in his carseat does not mean that carts OR carseats are unsafe.. just that they are unsafe together. When used PROPERLY (CARseats in CARS not on CARTS) a carseat is perfectly safe! So is co-sleeping.
CatherineEdwards25638 CatherineEdwards25638 5 years
I I will admit to falling asleep with my youngest not by choice, he was up every hour until he was 3months old. This would be a five minute thing! Although he started sleeping with me when he was nine months because he was always sick and would just choke as he would move, I tried loads of things but this was the absolute last resort! I do agree with co sleeping but you MUST take precautions against rolling over such as pillows between you and the baby, don't do it if you over tired have them in a carrycot or similar beside the bed. My sister goes into a deep sleep she cannot be woken until she ready to get up! She decided not to co sleep based on this! It about common sense! The risk isn't worth it! A newborn is so small and delicate!
DanaBanks61196 DanaBanks61196 5 years
All 7 if my children co-slept with no issues. While co-sleeping isn't for everyone, it was perfect for our family. This tragedy seems very suspect. I could see one infant dying, but two is odd. Nonetheless, I fully suppory co-sleeping and would never change a thing! P
JamiOrtiz JamiOrtiz 5 years
There is less risk to co-sleeping than there is to leaving a child unattended to sleep. I don't think I have EVER heard of a case of infant death while co-sleeping that didn't have some kind of extenuating circumstances (drug, alcohol, mother illness, etc).
JacquelineStephenson JacquelineStephenson 5 years
I feel the same way as Lori. It is weird how no other culture has this problem but us. My son slept with me from birth to about 3 years of age and there was never even the slightest problem. Never was there a time he seemed to be at risk. I think there is something more to the story that we may never know. I've read, though, somewhere that persons on sedatives, medications or drugs, intoxicated, or are excessively unable to arouse should not cosleep on the same surface an infant. Our society is one for depending on lots of drugs. So who knows?
SaraGrigsbyMarmol SaraGrigsbyMarmol 5 years
For those of you that co- sleep. Why even take a small risk, its not worth it!
LoriParker51170 LoriParker51170 5 years
Co-sleeping is donnin every culture except ours. Weird how no other countries have this issue. I still support co-sleeping. As a mother of two, I didn't cosleep with th first and did with the second. It was much less dangerous for me to co-sleep then to drive with two kids while completely sleep deprived. Not to mention the lack of good judgment you have when you haven't slept in days.
reneeflores68567 reneeflores68567 5 years
MarinaGimpelev MarinaGimpelev 5 years
the article has no information on the reason for their death. who said it was from co-sleeping? both at the same time? 3 week olds? who can't even turn yet? how would they suffocate? maybe it was SDIS and could have happened anywhere, especially in the crib. I enjoyed co-sleeping with both of my children and can't understand how it could be harmfull unless you actually turn baby on the stomach and don't let him turn his head or put a pillow over his head....
XeniaSanchez XeniaSanchez 5 years
You shouldn't sleep with your infant, it could kill them!!! That's why we as parents should take the necessary precautions, we're the adults, there's loads of info out there. Please don't sleep with your babies specially not your infants, they need to be safe, read up on crib safety & all precautions before the baby arrives, be prepared, a mistake like this cannot be taken back,,Think, Act accordingly & Pray for your child's safety. I'm so Sorry for the loss of all those beautiful babies, may we stop this Now, just like leaving kids in car for a minute that turns out to be more &many children have died for this mistake, sometimes even the caregiver forgets the child is in the car until it's too late. Please our children our precious little people who depend on us to take care of them, we have to be more responsible as a whole, everyone take part if you see something wrong, act on it now specially if it involves a child... My best to all & hope we can all work together & prevent any more accidents :)
MelissaYacono MelissaYacono 5 years
God bless the family. This is a tragedy and I pray that God please help the parents to cope. Amen
CrystalMartin52887 CrystalMartin52887 5 years
I have read a few sad articles of babies suffocating while they sleep. I think it is interesting that in cases where the child suffocated while sleeping in a crib it was never about the crib sleeping arrangement, it was always about mistakes that have happened. The blankets or the sleepwear or something else to do with bedding. But in every article that a baby suffocated while sleeping next to their parents has always been the fault of the co-sleeping arrangement. Why is this the case? Why can't both just be sad accidents?
sharonsutherland13179 sharonsutherland13179 5 years
I co-sleep (or more correctly bed share) with my 18 month daughter and have done since she was born. Bed sharing can be safe by following guidelines and common sense. It is no more dangerous than any other form of sleeping for a baby and can actually help a baby regulate its breathing to that of its mothers. It is also beneficial for breastfeeding and mother/ baby bonding. Mothers will usually form a protective ring around little ones with their bodies while they sleep and will be attuned to babies movement. Please stop condemming this mother because of the choice she made. We dont hear aboutthe babies who die from SIDS in the papers because it is much more common. Surely this in itself must indicate how bed sharing must be safer!!!! Though it must agee that it is a little strange that both babies were suffocated, please let this mum grieve and do not judge her for her choices.
ClaireStorey62705 ClaireStorey62705 5 years
I have co slept with all my children and it's personal preference I still do with my 10 mth old I felt safer with them close but it's what works for me I don't know how people can say its suspicious when you have no idea of the facts it's heartbreaking enough for the woman and family without being accused of more
PJSchauer PJSchauer 5 years
I co slept with all 3 of my single birth children. I am a very light sleeper, and I was always in between my husband and child. This accident while tragic should not overshadow all the pro's of co sleeping. My daughter stopped breathing in the middle of the night when she was 6 months, I felt it and woke her up and she began breathing again. The color came back in her face, I called her pediatrician he met me at his office. He couldn't find anything wrong. She is 7 now and I have no doubt co-sleeping saved her life.
KristiKamp KristiKamp 5 years
I co-slept with my mom until I was about 7..... and my husband and I co-slept with our daughter about half the time up until she was 6 months old. I was exhausted and I would actually fall asleep while I was breastfeeding her... I would lay on my side, she would lay next to me propped up so she could eat and I fell asleep sometimes... This was just a tragic accident and the mother must be feeling tremendous guilt and sorrow. There is still nothing wrong with co-sleeping as long as it is done properly and if it is possible to avoid it. We had a bassinet right next to the bed but like I said, I fell asleep feeding her. We always moved her into the bassinet if it was possible.
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