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Two Happy Endings After Baby Lands in Path of Train

Two Happy Endings After Baby Lands in Path of Train

This story, out of Brooklyn, NY, is a double helping of cheerful — and it will also help you remember to lock the wheels of your stroller!

Yesterday, a man named Delroy Simmonds jumped onto the subway tracks to rescue a baby as a train was coming into the station. He lifted the baby and himself out of harm's way just in the nick of time, but as a result, the unemployed father of two missed his train and the job interview he was headed for.

Today, he was hired by someone who heard about his heroic act!

Why was the baby on the tracks to begin with? As Simmonds recounted to the New York Daily News, “A strong gust of wind blew. It had to be 30, 40 miles an hour. There was a woman with four kids. One was in a stroller. The wind blew the baby onto the tracks. . . .I jumped down and I snatched the baby up. The train was coming around the corner as I lifted the baby from the tracks. I really wasn’t thinking."


Read the whole story (NY Daily News).

Image Source: Ken Goldfield via New York Daily News

Join The Conversation
LoriWilliams61712 LoriWilliams61712 5 years
he is an angel!! Amazing acts of kindness is all around us!!
cherielsin cherielsin 5 years
Congratulations to you!!!! I'm so glad you did get a job too. You definitely deserve it!!!
CoMMember13616538905917 CoMMember13616538905917 5 years
Why wasn't that baby strapped in? So glad he was a quick-thinker and that both were unharmed. I hate subway tracks and stations soooooo much! So many parents don't realize how quickly danger can appear and many don't watch their kids close enough. Kudos to this brave man!
CassieCourtney CassieCourtney 5 years
Happy ending all around , so happy to hear !
BettyLouWalker BettyLouWalker 5 years
Thank God for that wonderful caring man. He was probably blessed with a better job!!!
This is incredible! What a tradgey this situation would of been if he was not there!
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