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Two-Year-Old Boy Dies After Fall Into Zoo Habitat

Two-Year-Old Boy Dies After Fall Into Zoo Habitat

It's easy to be lulled into a sense of safety at the zoo, but the death of a two-year-old boy at the Pittsburgh Zoo this past weekend reminds us that zoos house wild animals, not trained or well-behaved pets.

The boy's mother put him up on the four-foot tall wall at the wild African dogs exhibit to get a better look at the animals, but he lost balance and fell into the pit, where he was attacked by the animals he'd been trying to view. Zoo keepers were able to get seven of the dogs off the boy, but three more wouldn't leave, and staff eventually had to shoot one.

At this point in the investigation, police say it isn't clear whether the boy was killed by the drop, which was more than a story, or the wild dogs.


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Image Source: Pittsburgh Zoo

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KR40035 KR40035 4 years
I'm disagree Brooke. There was something that someone could have done. Within a second of my child falling over that ledge I would have been behind her, because that's my job as a parent, to protect my young. If you wouldn't have thought to so the same I'm sorry. But to stand there and watch as your kid is eaten when that mother could have been one moment behind him, shielding him with her body, is sad. She most definitely could have saved him. She no doubt would have sustained pretty serious injuries, if not death herself, but that's your damn job as a parent.
JoannaJones3485 JoannaJones3485 4 years
Well to those who say people are pointing fingers, you are right people are pointing fingers, and this Mom made a terrible mistake. we all make mistakes and lapses in judgement but the majority of time we don't make fatal lapses in judgement where our children our concerned. If that would be the case, hundreds of children would die every month, but they don't. We make minor lapses in judgement that may hurt our kids in other ways, and for most of us, we try to fix it or improve ourselves, and go on. This Mom made a horrible lapse in judgement that she can't improve on or go on to make things right for her child since her lapse caused his death. Now we are all guilty of something and as much as we point fingers at others we have to point them at ourselves. My biggest issue with this is why she didn't jump in after him. Why didn't she try to save him? I truly cannot imagine standing there calling for help while my child was eaten, I would rather it have been me eaten or at least I would die trying to save them. But in other attacks where a child has been mauled by dogs, they always die except when an adult intervened, either by beating off the dogs or throwing themselves on top of the child. In almost all those instances the child lived as did the adult. If that mother or any person for that matter jumped in after that boy he would have had a chance of survival. She likely could have saved him. But even if she couldn't I can't understand as mother the not trying. I just couldn't stand there and do nothing. And I can't understand how anyone could. Wonderful people have stepped in and put themselves in dangerous situations for children who are not even their own. Why? Because it is human nature to help and protect our young, even those not our own. So mu issue isn't so much that lapse in judgement tho as I said most of us don't have lapses where there is grave danger, but so she had one, but why? Why wouldn't she have tried to save his life? I imagine she is suffering horribly after this. And that is really sad. But I couldn't live with myself if something like this had happened to one of my children and I didn't do everything possible to try to save them. And I really think after reading so many others responses that this is what is the root of all the finger pointing. That the majority of mothers would rather die trying to save their child than live without them. And knowing that feeling it is hard to comprehend how anyone could stand by and do nothing but call for help. How anyone could hold themselves back from jumping into that pit, is beyond me. Because for me I couldn't have done anything less than try to save them and if I wasn't able to at least I could on knowing i had done everything I could. In those situations, you don't think, you just act when you child's life is in danger you just protect.
MelBroadwood MelBroadwood 4 years
Tammy Hansen- i agree 100%!!!
EliseFarrell EliseFarrell 4 years
Would someone please send a link to the article that states that the mother is suing? It is not mentioned in this article nor the one that this article is based on....
Angela99824 Angela99824 4 years
I really don't understand those of you saying we shouldn't "point fingers" (as one of you put it) or blame the mother. This is CLEARLY her own fault. This is the first place I've seen mention of her suing but if that's true that just makes her absolutely despicable in my eyes. Would money make you feel better if you were to lose a child? It damn sure wouldn't help me. Yes, we all make mistakes as parents, but how many of us make mistakes stupid enough to endanger our children's lives? Yes, a lot of us do things without thinking them through, but how much thinking does it take to NOT put your child on a rail with wild animals below? Is it really something you should have to stop and think about? A part of me does feel VERY sorry for this mother, but I feel worse for the father, and far far worse for that poor little guy who had to lose his life in such a manner. His mother is at fault, and I think she should be punished for her crime. I also have to agree with everyone on not understanding why she didn't jump in after him, I've been fortunate enough never have to been in a situation where my children were in grave danger, but I know how a mom should react. I know damned well my mom would have done anything to save her children, and I truly believe I'd do the same. It should just be instinct, sometimes rational thought can stop us from acting on instinct, but I think we've already established that rational thought isn't this woman's strong suit.
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