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U.S. Couple Ordered To Return Adopted Child of 3 Years

U.S. Couple Ordered To Return Adopted Child of 3 Years

Timothy James Monahan and Jennifer Lyn Vanhorn Monahan of Liberty, Missouri were ordered by a Guatemalan court today to return their adopted daughter to her birth mother.

Judge Angelica Noemi Tellez Hernandez has ruled in favor of Survivors' Foundation, a Guatemalan human rights group that sought to overturn the adoption. The group claims  the little girl was kidnapped in 2006 and put up for adoption the next year. They say she was then adopted in Guatemala and taken to the United States using a passport under a new name in 2008.

The couple has not commented on the ruling yet. 

Read the whole story.

What's best for the child, to be returned to her birth parents or to stay with her adoptive family?

Image Source: ThinkStock via Huffington Post

AzellASmith AzellASmith 4 years
Returning an adoptive child to their biological parent depends on the circumstances. But in every case the child should be made known of the current living situation and should be told about their natural parent. This will help them mentally as they grow older to accept the real facts of life and to appreciate the lifestyle, the love and compassion, understanding and patience it takes to raise a child. Because they will want to know who is their real parent, why was I adopted, are there any pictures and mostly, were my parent(s) given a chance.
georgebells georgebells 4 years
Okay, Heart, you appear to be a social worker. Life is not cut and dry like they teach you in a book. The child is also attached to the adoptive parents. Don't forget who counts. I agree, the biological mother should be getting back her daughter, although, maybe it would be best for all if they kept in touch and parented together for a while, until the adoptive, biological and child are all comfortable to say good bye. Somehow, work something out should never have begun, but here we go social work programs.... frankly they all are broke. You can't use legal garb to decide peoples fates. It is from the heart and only judged by god, not you humans who think because you read a book, you know best. We need to stop putting kids out there for adoption unless they are dieing in their own homes. It appears that everyone even state social programs think it's Okay, because they know best. THEY ARE FOOOLS.......
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