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U.S. Home Birth on the Rise by 20%

U.S. Home Birth on the Rise by 20%

Did you consider a home birth?

If so, you're far from alone: A new study led by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistician Marian F. MacDorman revealed that the number of women in the U.S. who gave birth at home rose 20% between 2004 and 2008, bringing home births to their highest level since 1990. 

The biggest increase in home births is among white women, with 1 in 98 giving birth at home in 2008, a spike of 28% since 2004.

Read the whole story.

Why do you think more women are opting for home births? Would you?

Image Source: Los Angeles Times

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NickyHarrison91385 NickyHarrison91385 6 years
I had a homebirth with my first child and am planning to have my 2nd homebirth this October. It is no wonder these stats are on the rise, you have an experienced homebirth midwife, and her backup supporting you along with anyone else you choose to be present, you are in the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose to give birth, it is at your pace, on your time schedule, and the list of pros goes on. anyone considering homebirth of course has a contingency, if you need to transfer, you do, and your midwife is monitoring all in that respect. Having my own shower, my own bed, even our fridge and food was awesome, we had a curtains drawn, the lights dimmed, and our lounge became our 'cave' with a birthing pool set up in the middle, very surreal, even the cat popped in for a looksee. I can't wait for the next birth and am so grateful that I had such a wonderful midwife who will be present for the 2nd baby as well.
jess98266 jess98266 6 years
i would absolutly have an a home birth with my second one. ill be in more control of the situation rather than feeling like something on a conveyor belt. your not ill...your not dying so if there isnt and complications with pregnancy or mother/baby then why not!
TiffanyBannworth TiffanyBannworth 6 years
I had a home birth and 3 out of the hospital births at a free standing birth center. I am preg with my 5th and would do it again.
KristenHenry38916 KristenHenry38916 6 years
I have had both, first was hospital with an epidural, and second was home birth. My recovery was much faster with home birth (I was up and cleaning house and playing with my toddler 12 hours after delivery) and the experience was much more relaxed. My future children will be born at home.
JennPotts JennPotts 6 years
Both of my children were born naturally in the local hospital, and although nothing insanely traumatic happened, if I have another child I will definitely be considering home birth or a birthing center that is much like being at home. The doctors are controlling and invasive, even with a birth plan, and none of the staff, including the lactation consultants, were helpful with learning how to breastfeed and overcoming hurdles. My second child was a little big, she was born at 9 lbs 6 oz, and although I knew my body was capable and so did the midwives at the practice I was going, one of the doctors tried to talk me into a c-section because I could "damage" my baby by delivering vaginally. I stuck to my guns, which royally pissed him off. And I proved him soooo wrong. 15 min of pushing after laboring all but the last hour at home and she was out and perfectly fine.
HaleyEvans HaleyEvans 6 years
I think a lot of people are misinformed about home birth and so think it's a huge risk on the lives of momma and baby. The reality it that it's no safer (and in some cases actually less safe) to deliver in hospital. I had a home birth in MS in a city that has a 50% C-section rate (TWICE the national average and more than twice the recommendation/need assessed by dr's and health organizations), and a place where any type of out of hospital or even natural birth was widely misunderstood and looked down upon. The reason I did it was because of the high rate of unnecessary and wrongfully done C-sections and my distrust of the OB's in the area. (This time I'm having a hospital birth because of insurance stuff, but still with a midwife and in another state, so I'm not at all opposed to hospital births, either) What I found is that literally every single person who was skeptical about my decision associated home birth with having no one attend your birth outside of you and your husband. While I've known of even twin births that have gone splendidly with an emergency unassisted homebirth, this is usually not the case with home births. Home births are more often than not a conscious decision made by parents who want to deliver in their home environment away from the stresses of hospital staff and who want to give birth naturally without being harrassed and treated like they don't know what they're doing just because they don't want pain meds transferred to their baby (not every hospital experience is like this, but many are), and they have a trained professional such as a midwife or even a dr attend their birth who bring emergency equipment with them in case something does go wrong while they wait for the anbulance to arrive and tranfer them to a hospital. The women who give birth at home are, also, almost always ones with very low risk pregnancies. Midwives and dr's do not agree to home births (many will not even agree to a birthing center birth) if there is any hint of a higher risk condition going on such as preecclampsia or gestational diabetes or something going on with the baby itself. Plus most women who do home births go ahead and meet with a "backup" dr in advance just in case they need to be transferred to a hospital during or after the birth. These are the things many people don't realize. The decision to birth at home is not a decision that is made lightly or flippantly or for the attention and wows of peers. It's made after much research and after finding a medical professional who they feel completely at ease with and who they trust and find to be very competent and able to deal with emergencies and stressful situations in an exceotional way. The mother and infant mortality and morbidity rates at home are exactly the same at home as in hospitals and in many places they are actually much lower. I had a perfectly wonderful and beautiful home birth with my husband and midwife by my side and I did have an emergency the following day and I was quickly and easily transferred to the hospital and everything turned out perfectly. Many of my friends have had home births, as well, and loved it just as much as my husband and I did. One even had a hemorrhage during her placenta delivery and her midwife once again was right on top if it and had her transferred quickly to the hospital where everything taken care of and everything turned out perfectly. No lives were in any more danger than of she'd already been in the hospital. If someone wishes to speak out against something, they need to have the actual research to back up their comments, rather than just speculation.
ladygarnetoak ladygarnetoak 6 years
when you consider that if a midwife looses a mother or baby she more than likely will loose her license to practice - an ob just pays malpractice fees and refuse to relieve his mother infant mortality rate - if a midwife will take your odds are your in better hands
AngieAbegglen AngieAbegglen 6 years
I had four amazing, safe and awesome homebirths...There are definitely times when a hospital transfer is needed, but a good midwife will have medical equipment necessary to assist in blood loss (slowing to clot the blood and maybe transfer) However with an experienced, knowledgeable and wise midwife, it can be an awesome experience. Trust me...with one "normal" birth and three births that would have been normally can be done safely at home...hence, why more people are doing it...
WendyAcquaviva WendyAcquaviva 6 years
I had a home birth with an attending physician. Everything went well until my son came out with a mucus plug and a pinched cord. My doctor immediately took calm control over the situation and had my little boy crying in no time. Even though we had that small scare I feel confident enough in my body's natural abilities to do it again.
kristlewilliams kristlewilliams 6 years
my grandmom had 12 kids at home n they were all fine kinda think it would b kol to do
AliciaSmallbrock AliciaSmallbrock 6 years
I have had both hospital and home births and home births really are the way to go if you do not have complications. I felt like I was empowered, more connected and my husband felt more involved instead of just an observer. Post pardum is more of a non issue when having them naturally (whether in a hospital or home). I wouldn't trade a homebirth for the world.
MelissaLittle97347 MelissaLittle97347 6 years
if you are willing to risk your life and the baby's life than more power to you. my sister would have died if she gave birth at home. There is no way they could have predicted that she would need a blood transfusion because she lost half the blood in her body trying to deliver the placenta. Also a friend of mine gave birth at home and her baby died because they couldnt' give him the immediate medical attention he needed.
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