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"The Ultimate Boyfriend" Doll Raises Eyebrows

"The Ultimate Boyfriend" Doll Raises Eyebrows

"The Ultimate Boyfriend" Doll Raises Eyebrows

He calls you "pretty princess", says whatever you want to hear, and even wears a t-shirt that says "Ultimate Boyfriend" in multiple languages. Meet Sweet Talkin' Ken, a blue-eyed, blonde hair doll with chiseled abs, created for 5-year-old girls.

Its maker, Toy giant Mattel, describes him as follows: "He's the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion. Why? Because this handsome Ken doll says whatever you want him to say! Just press the button on his chest to record your own voice for up to five seconds. Then play it back in a high, normal, or low pitch. Sweet!"

Will Sweet Talkin' Ken infuriate as many parents as the new Tattooed Barbie doll?

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Would you buy your daughter an "ultimate boyfriend" doll?

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AdrianaHernandez25269 AdrianaHernandez25269 5 years
i think every little girl would like to be called a "pretty princess" (cause all little girls are) and the girls can make the guys say what ever, so think of it this way.... I'm pretty sure that a 4-5yr old wont make her (hunky) ken doll say anything provocative. And IF she makes the doll say it.... I think you need to talk to your child and watch what u say around her
RachellBain RachellBain 5 years
It's just a doll, one that most of us would have grown up with its seriously not a big deal unless you make it one. Every little girl in the world knows ken is barbies boyfriend what difference does it make that he has it on his tshirt. It least it doesn't say I'm with stupid - - - - >
LeiAnne LeiAnne 5 years
Do y'all really think that a five-year-old is going to contemplate the meaning of the words "ultimate" and "boyfriend" ?? It's a Ken doll, and the cool thing is that you can make him say stuff. If he goes over well, than I bet they will make a brunette doll and a black doll and so on. If your kids are playing with Barbie, then you aren't that worried about whether her dimensions are going to put pressure on your daughters to starve themselves and have surgery to be skinny and beautiful. Why are you throwing a fit about whether a Ken doll that talks is going to up a girl's standards on what she wants in a man in 10 years. Trust me, a lot of other things in those 10 years are going to teach her about that...and whether she owned a talking Ken doll isn't that big of a deal.
LeiAnne LeiAnne 5 years
Why is anyone worrying over this? So they come out with the blond doll first. Big deal. This is the coolest Ken that I think I have ever seen. Besides, most little girls play with Barbie and leave Ken in the toybox for the most part! And beyond that: what a 5-year-old thinks "boyfriend" means is vastly different from what a 16-year-old thinks "boyfriend" means. Just because you tack that word on him does not mean that suddenly young children are getting an education beyond their years! What do you think little girls have thought Ken was for all these years, anyway?? Barbie's brother?? The biggest thing we ever did when I was a kid was play wedding, so obviously we understood the relationship. But usually after that, Ken went off to work for the day and we didn't play with him. Besides, his arms always fell off when you put a shirt on him, and his clothes really sucked! LOL Lighten up, people. It's a toy.
LeahAshton LeahAshton 5 years
I don't see what the problem is. The child is the one who tells ken what to say. I wouldn't market the idea of boyfriend and girlfriend to five year olds.
DeidreStJohn DeidreStJohn 5 years
I think it's a toy. Your children aren't going to grow up thinking there is a "perfect" guy out there unless you bring them up to think this way. I think a lot of people forget that toys are for playing with & we decide what toy is appropriate for our children & at what age. As far as their beliefs & how they grow up thats up to us as their parents to insure they grow up knowing that the world is full of imperfections. There is no right or wrong when it comes to loving someone. We fall in love with someone because in our eyes they are "perfect " for us, no matter if they are a different/same sex or a different/same race. We can't blame a toy for teaching our kids the wrong things!!
ClaudiaBeaudoin66906 ClaudiaBeaudoin66906 5 years
Ridiculous!!!! Why a 5 year old need to be introduced to a "boyfriend"? A 5 year old child is a CHILD! that'ass, a child. This doll is ridiculous.
TressaContiKmiecik TressaContiKmiecik 5 years
What is Barbie coming too anymore? What happened to the good old fashioned Barbie and Ken? Not saying I am in the dark ages but there was nothing wrong with the dolls I had growing up.
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