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There's no denying that visiting a state capital, presidential library, museum, or natural wonder is educational. And a West Palm Beach, FL, family has taken that lesson to heart, selling their home and all of their belongings so that they could travel by RV and show their kids all 50 states, Today reports. Rand and Heidi Martin and their children, Kristi, 14, and Kyle, 12, traveled for 13 months, drove more than 67,000 miles across the country, flew to Hawaii, and sailed to Alaska on their journey throughout America. On average, they spent $264 per day on their road trip.

While living in an RV for that length of time required the family to be close-knit, mom Heidi says it was worth it, saying America is "amazing." Kyle agrees, "We got to learn a ton about politics . . . places I see in the textbooks. We got to cross the Mississippi, we got to actually go on battlefields George Washington walked."

The family logged the highlights of their journey on their website,, and kept up with their studies via online classes. Would you consider selling everything you own to give your kids a live-action education?

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AnitaBurnham AnitaBurnham 3 years
We sold everything to travel Northern Africa for a month and stay in South Africa for 6. It was great to get rid of all the "stuff" and we're fine without it. It didn't take us all that long to accumulate more crap either--6 months after being back we had a rented house full of furniture and were longing for the days we didn't have anything.
KeriRozansky KeriRozansky 3 years
The problem with selling all your stuff is that eventually you'll need to acquire it again. That family isn't going to live in an RV forever and this trip won't last forever. I agree it's great to go hands-on rather than just out of a textbook or off a website, but what's going to happen when the trip is over? Memories are great and all, but what good do they do when you have no where to live?
ChristineRadlerThomas ChristineRadlerThomas 3 years
Ok, but what do they when the trip is done and they're penniless living in an RV?
missnanny missnanny 3 years
I think this is awesome. It is not for everyone to do, but what they gave their children is priceless and created memories that will last a lifetime.
juliadoherty juliadoherty 3 years
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